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Thursday, 10 January 2019

I fell in love Episode 14

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I got to his apartment and he kind of looked different.
“You don’t look fine to me, are you sick?”
“I’m not sick, how was your day?”
“Fine, but your face looks gloomy”
“Sit down and calm down”.
“Wemmy, I have some news for you but I’m sorry it’s not a good one”
Now I’m on my feet again, my heart did some skyrocketing.
“Sit Wemimo” he said and I obeyed.
Fear griped me as I remember hearing stories of guys who break up with their fiancee few months, weeks, or even days to their wedding.
God so I’m here to get a break up speech, or did he impregnate someone, since we are in a no-sex-before-marriage kind of relationship, no it can’t be. This were all the thought going on in my head. The letter he pointed at me brought me back from reverie. Now I refuse to sit.
“Noooooo ….. God no .… this can’t be happening to us, after everything we’ve been through! A sack letter! A month to our wedding! My legs are now shivering and at that moment I knew standing up was a bad idea, I crashed on the tiled floor and wept bitterly, I wept like a child that just lost her mother
“Wemimo it’s OK, everything will be fine, I will get another job”
“It’s not Ok, is this the price I have to pay for what I did to Emmanuel” I said in tears.
“Don’t talk like that baby, that has nothing to do with this, whatever will be will be”
“No I think I’m paying for my sins, was it my fault that I fell in love, who says love don’t cause a thing”
I went to the bathroom to wash my face I stood in front of the mirror for a while.
“Wemimo Olatuni Arike Ade, you have to be strong for him, he needs you now than ever” I said to myself and left the bathroom.
I returned to the sitting room, and joined him on the sofa, I sat quietly beside him.
“What happened exactly? I asked
“My boss just called me into his office and handed me the sack letter, he said he’s sorry, that my services are no longer needed. I pleaded with him, I even told him about the wedding which he knew already, but he said the instruction was from the head office”
“So what are your plans now” I asked
“I think we should put the wedding on hold for now”
“Sweetheart, this might sound funny and ridiculous, but I feel we should go ahead with the wedding”
“What! Without a job?”
“I have a job and my fashion work too on the other hand, all we need do is to cut our excesses”
“Do you know what the God says about a man who can’t provide for his household?”
“This is a different case, you had a job, you just lost it”
“Before marriage”
“…. That has been fixed my dear, God hates stagnation and so we are moving forward”
“Baby where is all this coming from, are you sure about this?”
“Yes I’m sure”
“I still have some money in my bank account to run the wedding, but how are we going to cope after the wedding”
“We’ll use my salary to maintain ourselves till you get another job. I know to get a job is no child’s play in this country but I believe God will make a way for us, He has so many ways where we don’t have one”
“One more thing oko iyawo, (bridegroom) this must be between us, not even our family members must know about this”
“At least let’s inform our parent”
“People will discourage us, don’t you get. Let’s just go ahead with our plans to avoid stories that touch”
“Are you not scared Wemimo?”
“Of course, I am”
“Baby I want to take care of you, this has always been my dream, I want to pamper you, provide for our home and not the other way round”
“And who says you won’t, you will, when you get a job. May be this is just a test for our love. Feranmi I will marry you whether you have a job or not, I don’t care how much you have in your bank account, all I want is you.”
“Oluwawemimo I love you before now, but right now I love you more, I feel like I have everything, I feel like I lost nothing. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you”
“One more thing, let’s cancel our honey moon trip in order to cut down expenses”
“No way, I can’t deprive you of that”
“You can show me the world when you get a job” she said.
“Where did I get this kind of understanding woman from?”
“From God”
“Come here” he pulled me closer and hugged me.” What will I do without you, your words of encouragement make my mountain plain”
I smiled, but deep down in me, I doubt the efficacy of my words.
I got home that evening, locked myself up in my room and cried to God.
“God I sought Your face concerning this marriage and You told me to go ahead, so why is all this happening to us, we even neglect our lustful desires just to keep the marriage bed undefiled.”
I was still lamenting when a verse in the scripture dropped in my heart.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”
I fetched my phone in my bag and inserted my hands free. I search for a song titled “I’ll Say Yes” by Brooklyn Tarbernacle Choir and listened.
“I’ll say yes Lord
I’ll say yes
To Your will Lord
I’ll say yes
Where You lead me I will go
I’ll say yes Lord
I’ll say yes”
I sang along in tears, by the time I repeated the track thrice, I felt peace within me, my heart was filled with joy I couldn’t explain.
I undressed, took my bath, had dinner and slept like a little child.
To be continued………….

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