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Thursday, 10 January 2019

I fell in love Episode 13

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We finished our youth service successfully to the glory of God, it’s not easy but we came, we saw and we conquered.
At least I finished with two certificate, NYSC and that of my fashion school, I’m now a certified fashion designer.
“Eko State here I come” I said to myself while packing my bags and baggages. I’ve missed home and my beau like …. I can’t wait to see them.
Six months after NYSC I got a job, Feranmi got his earlier before me, he got a very job, in fact we had to celebrate it. Things were going on well for the both of us.
Feranmi called at my house one Saturday evening, he brought a bowl of ice cream along with him, he stayed briefly and left. I settled down to drink the ice cream, I opened the cover and saw something shining on the surface. It was a ring.
“Oh my God, is the this what I think it is”
I was super excited, I picked my phone hurriedly and gave him a call
“Hello Feranmi” I said with enthusiasm
“I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want you in my future and the future is now. Marry me Oluwawemimo Arike Olatunji”
“Yes I will marry you” I said jumping
“Thank you for making me the most happiest man in the whole universe, I promise to love and cherish for the rest of my days”
“Feranmi ….. I’m short of words right now, but I already gave you my heart a long time ago”
“Hmm, thanks”
“I like your style though, it was romantic, but It’s just that I did not get to see you get on your knee” I said teasingly.
“I will go down on two knees, if that’s what you want my love“
“I’m just pulling your legs, in fact I don’t really like the routine proposal”
“Yes, I’ll talk to you later, I need to go now”
“Announcement time right”
“You are just too smart, you got it”
“Bye my wife to be”
“OK then, bye”
I wore my engagement ring and dashed out of my room to share the good news with my family members. I put a call through to Thessy.
“Thessy Guess what?”
“You are engaged” Thessy replied gleefully
“NRC (witch) how do you find out? I asked jokingly.
“How won’t I know, in fact I’ve been expecting this news since, I wonder what you guys are still waiting for, since you already have a job”
“You are unbelievable”
“Congrat my dear, I’m so happy for you”
“Thank you, you are next in line”
“Amen, I’ll call Feranmi to congratulate him. I’m officially in charge of aso ebi o”
“Before nko” we both laughed
“Thanks, later”
“Alright, bye”
We commenced our wedding plans, first the intromimo (introduction) like my Thessy used to call it, right after the introduction the wedding date was fixed.
Feranmi got a there bedroom flat on the mainland, I assisted with the interior decor and every other thing was going on smoothly as planned.
We were on break in the office one fateful day, when I got a call from my fiance, he told me to come over to his place after work, I noticed he didn’t sound Feranmi.
“Sweetheart, what’s the problem you don’t sound good”
“All is well, I’ll be expecting you. I’ll see you later” he said and the line went off.
He knew I would be worried and he can’t even do me the honours of sharing whatever is eating him up, who does that? I said to myself.
Now seriously I was scared, I only go to his place on weekends, so for him to tell me to come in the middle of the week got me worried. Then I remembered he said all is well, so I decided to dwell on that.
To be Continued………………….

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