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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

I fell in love Episode 12

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I was posted to Esan Local Government in Irrua, Edo State while Feranmi was posted to girls secondary school in Abia state.
Despite the distance between them us, our love wax stronger and stronger. Feranmi calls like thrice in a day, we chat online as well.
He suggested coming down to Edo State but I told him not to come, I don’t like corpers traveling up and down it’s dangerous, also he’s visit will make me miss him the more when he leaves. Our hearts yearns for each other but we were separated by distance.
I realized I was doing nothing in my PPA, I just go to the office to gist and chat all day, I don’t want to spend my one year wastefully. I love fashion, so I decided to enroll in a fashion school.
I told Feranmi about it and he liked the idea. Days later I enrolled in a fashion school.
Feranmi on the other hand, was struggling with temptations from the girls in the area where he lives. This girls don’t want anything from you, they don’t want your money, infact they are ready to spend on you. All they want is sex and trust the male corpers in the area, they were having the good time of their life with those girls.
He determined in his heart not to sleep with anyone of them no matter the pressure.
He came back from school one day, and met a girl in front of his door.
“How may I help you” he asked
“Please sir, my mother is very sick and I need some money to buy drugs for her” she said
“Ok wait here, while I get the money inside”
I entered into my room to get her the money she requested for, I only had few change in my wallet, but before I knew it she was already in my room.
“I told you to stay outside, why did you come in, anyway here is the money”
“I don’t need your money, my mother is not sick, it’s you, I want“ she stated
“So you actually pull a prank on me, just to get into my room?”
“Yes and why are you always playing hard to get”
“You want to know why? First I’m in a serious relationship, so I don’t play around and secondly I don’t do kids”
“Do I look like a kid to you?” she questioned and before I could say Jack Robinson, she had already pull off her gown standing before me naked.
To be continued….. .

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