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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

I FELL IN LOVE Episode 11

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Four month later, we all went back to school to collect our call up later, I went straight to the board where the list was pasted.
I was posted to Edo State, Feranmi was posted to Abia State, Thessy was posted to Kebbi State.
I met Emmanuel later in school area, we talked briefly, he told me he was posted to Lagos State.
“You are posted, or you posted yourself to Lagos” I said jokingly and we both laughed.
Feranmi called to inform me he can’t make it to Ib that very day, he said he’ll come the next day, I told him I’ll be staying at Sophia’s.
He came the next day and collected his call up later too. He called me to know my whereabout, I told him to meet me in front of SUB. He joined me some minutes later.
“Hi babe” he said with a hug
“Hi, how far are you through?”
“Feranmi I’m leaving today, in fact I did not plan to sleep in Ib yesterday but since you couldn’t come yesterday I had to wait for you, I have to prepare for camp”
“Why the rush, you still have the whole weekend to prepare. Wait till tomorrow, we’ll travel back to Lagos together, I’m sure Sophia is not complaining or is it because Thessy left yesterday”
“Alright you win, I’ll stay till tomorrow. Are you passing the night at your cousin’s?”
“Yea, do you know if Emmanuel is still around”
“Yes he is, he told me he’ll be leaving tomorrow”
“I’ll see him in the house then”
“I’m glad you guys are now talking”
“Me too, now let’s go I can’t wait to see my Sophia, I really miss her”
he said
“And she misses you too, you need to see the look on her face when I told her you won’t be coming again yesterday. In fact you need to see the soup he prepared for us”
“Really that’s sweet of her”
Sophia was so happy to see Feranmi, she was just hopping up and down the room. She served them white rice with meat stew, she can’t forget how well they treated her when they were still in school. She knew the two are dating but she pretended as if she knew nothing.
“So when did you guys plan to tell me that you are now together”. The couple was shocked at her revelation.
“How long have you known” Feranmi ask
“Before you guys graduated, I know you guys are avoiding each other and trying to fight the feeling back then”
“Sophia, I’m sorry we had to keep it from you, although it’s obvious we did not succeed in hiding it from you anyway” Feranmi explained.
“I’m not proud of what happened back then, considering the fact that you knew my boyfriend then, I don’t want to pass a wrong message”
“This is a matter of the heart sis Wemmy and I completely understand and you can’t trade your happiness because of what people will say”
“Wow! My baby sis is now matured o” Feranmi said. Now do we have your blessings?”
“Since, Uncle Feranmi, in fact for me it’s an answered prayer”
“Really” they both chorused. You are unbelievable, Wemmy added.
“I can imagine what your children will look like, a product of a handsome, tall guy and a beautiful gorgeous lady, hmm”
“Dream on Sophia, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He moved closer to Wemmy and kiss her good night on the lips.
“Hello o, I’m here” Sophia said and they all laughed.
We left Ib the next day, he promised to check on me before we go for Orientation camp.
He came has promised, he met my mummy, she prayed for us that we will all go and come back safely. While Mummy was praying I began to cry, how will I live without him for good one year.
After the prayer, my mummy understood that I was already missing him, she excused us, we are now alone in the sitting room.
“Wemmy please stop crying” he moved closer to her and held her arms. I’m missing you already too, but we’ve got no choice, we have to obey the clarion call.
“Do you think we can cope with the distance?”
“Sure we will, no distance can tamper with my love for you, hun!. My heart is yours Wemimo”
“Oluwaferanmi, I’ll miss you”
“We’ll be fine, that I’m sure of”
“OK let me see you off” They hugged each other tightly, before they stepped out of the compound.
To be continued……………….

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