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Monday, 14 January 2019

Anike Episode 26| by Toyin Taiwo

I dumped my bag and keys on the couch and went into the kitchen and get myself a chilled bottle water, I deliberately didn’t ask him if he cares for water or anything. I went back into the sitting room.
He was still busy scanning the room.
“Nice apartment” He commended.
“All thanks to your money” I scoffed.
“I like your family picture” he said referring to the picture hung on the wall. I just muttered an inaudible ‘thank you’
“Anike…What can I do to make things right between us”
“How many times will I tell you that there is no ‘us’. We are no longer an item” I stated.
“Anike please…he wanted to prostrate, but I held him back.
“Prince stop all this, your subordinates are around and you are doing all this. You use to forget that you are old enough to be my father”
“Let me prostrate, I don’t care who’s watching as long as you come back to me, please let’s moved pass this, I want things back the way they are before”
“Prince you accused me of sleeping with your friends and even your PA”
“Anike forgot everything I said, just come back to me”
“I’ll think about it”
“My princess, I can’t live without you, you are my world. He knelt down in front of me.
“Prince I don’t like all this, you know we are not alone”
Although the officers are backing us. I felt pity for him, this is someone’s father for crying out loud.
“It’s OK, stand up first” My eyes were already filled with tears and it started flowing.
“Anike please don’t cry, I will never hurt you again” he wiped my tears.
“I love you Anike”
“I love you too”
And that was the truth, I’m in love with a man old enough to be my father. And he loves me to a fault too. And I wondered where this relationship will leads us.
I pulled him up and he kissed me passionately, like that would be his last kiss on earth. I kissed him back.
I remembered we are not alone and it’s time for us to get a room. I led him into my room and we made love.
I stood up to wash up while he scanned my room and saw his picture frame on my bedside table.
“And someone is pretending like she doesn’t miss me” he said pointing at the frame.
“The picture has always been there” I said
Though He has my pictures in his bedroom too, even in his office. He has my pictures and that of the kids on his table.
“You need to leave now, its getting late and your men are waiting outside” I pointed out
“I’m sleeping over”
“Do you expect them to stand there all through the night?”
He left the room and I followed him. He told them to go and lodge in a hotel. One of them volunteered to stay behind. I guessed for security reasons.
The others left. I made dinner for the three of us. I told the officer to sleep in the spare room but he said he prefers the sitting room.
We left the sitting room for my room. And we got talking.
“Why didn’t you tell me about Mark”
“How many people do you want me to report” I countered.
“Meaning, he’s not the only one!”
“Your PA”
“I’ll call him back tomorrow”
“Thank you”
We had s-x again and slept. Early in the morning, they set out straight to the airport.


PA had already resumed work. He has been trying to talk Prince into getting his own private jet. The reason he didn’t get one before now is because the Navy’s private jets are all at his disposal. So he thought it unnecessary to get a personal one.
After so much persuasion from his PA, he decided to buy one.
He got the private jet a week to my birthday. Prince asked if I need anything. I told him I’m OK with anything he gives me for birthday. Unknown to me, he had already made plans. He just told me well be travelling for my birthday.
On the D-day. I wore a Vera Wang Vintage style sleeveless Mesh Wine dress, with a Prada peep toe heels and bag. We got to the airport and I was surprised at what I saw when I stepped into the private jet.
I saw a live band, A celebrity photographer, My two closest naval officers friends, the two Chefs from the house and his PA. My cake was beautiful with my name inscribed on it.
Then the jet took off. We are on air throughout for the birthday party, we are not traveling anywhere. He just wanted me to celebrate it on air.
PA was the MC, After brief introduction of the celebrant. Prince was asked to talk about me and for the next 20min, he was gushing about me. Others too said one or things.
The live band started playing and food was served.
The Pilot was told to turn back when we were done.
He took me inside one of the inner cabin, where I relaxed on his chest.
“Do you mind having s-x on plane?” he asked.
“Wow! That will be great. Have you had s-x on the plane before?” I asked.
“Yes, I have”
“With who?” I asked pouting.
“Are you jealous?” You need to see your face”
“I’m not jealous, I’m sure is more than one woman”
“You use to forget I was once married. Anyway real men don’t kiss and tell”
“You brilliantly ignore the question, right”
He smiled. “So let’s set a record” I said and minutes later we were both panting, after s-x.
I try to dress up but my gown was a bit rough”
“Prince, my dress is rough, this fabric gets squeezed easily” I said
“Here” he handed me a bag”
“What! you brought an extra dress? So you planned this”
“Plan what” he said helping me into the dress.
“S-x on the plane”
“Let’s just say it’s part of your birthday gifts” He kissed me and we left the cabin to join the others.
Some minutes later, the plane landed.
That Man knows how to make a lady feel on top of the world, that’s exactly the way I felt on my birthday.
To be continued…………….

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