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Monday, 14 January 2019

Anike Episode 24| by Toyin Taiwo

I got back to my apartment, Happy wasn’t home, I went to her room but to my surprise, she had packed all her things, not even a single pin was left. The whole room was clean.
Prince’s threat really scared her, so I thought. I went to my room, lay on the bed still brooding, I was hungry but I had no appetite. I wanted to cry but I was tired, Prince disappointed me, after all the sacrifices I made for him. I choose not to keep a boyfriend not because I don’t have admirers but because I thought he deserves to have me alone for himself at least for now.
I was even scared for happy, Despite his riches, connection and power, he never abused it. He doesn’t use his power to destroy people. I just hope he won’t hurt happy.
“What has Happy gotten herself into” I said to myself. I’ve never seen Prince threathen someone like that before, he sound like he meant every word he told Happy. I doubt if it’s an empty threat.
Come to think of it, people are wicked o, what did I do to deserve this from her. I even gave her #1.5M yesterday. She said she needed it for her boutique. No wonder her boutique business is running down, an adage in Yoruba says ‘ If you are betraying someone secretly, bad things will be crawling into your life secretly too’
I called my Mum, Okiki is now awake and I spoke with him. I told her to let me know if they need anything because im not prepared to go to Lagos any time soon, not this week. Prince started calling and I didn’t pick it, when the calls was getting annoying, I switched off my phone.
“What a bad day” I said to myself as I stormed on my bed to sleep.
First it was infection, then my brother’s surgery, Prince’s wrong accusations and a friend’s betrayal, all in one day. I travelled from school to Lagos, Lagos to abuja and from Abuja back to school. What a day” I thought as I drifted to sleep.
The next day, Governor Mark called me, he apologized on Prince’s behalf. I deceived him and told him have forgiven prince and it’s over. Who am I to say no to the governor. He was happy and ended the call.
I remembered Prince said something about his net worth. I decided to find out on goggle since the federal government had already instructed all government officials to declare their assets. I entered his name on the search box. I wondered why I did not think of this before now.
The results came up, then I saw the option for his net worth. I clicked on it and I couldn’t believe what I saw hundreds of million US dollars. And I’m very sure this people will never declare their full assets. No wonder he said he can buy me anything money can buy other heaven. He can keep his money to himself for all I care.
A week later, my brother was discharged from the hospital. I had also completed the doses of the drugs I was given in the hospital, so I went back to the hospital for a rechecked. Luckily infection was gone.
I still refuse to pick Prince’s call. When his calls persists, I bought another line and registered it. When he discovered the line was no more available, He sent his men to my place to pick me up and I refused to follow them.. I even thought they’ll take me forcefully but they didn’t.
“One of the men called him to tell him I refused to follow them. He ended the call and told the others that Prince said they should let me be. So they left after taking instructions from their boss. I knew he’s traveling to Dublin the following week, more reason why he’sis desperate to see me.
When all his effort to reach me proves abortive. He stopped reaching out. He still send me money weekly. I sent him a message on Facebook to stop sending me money but he wouldn’t listen.
I finished my lecture for the day, I was about to enter my car when one of Happy’s friend approached me.
“Good afternoon Anike”
“Good afternoon….Tara, right?
“Yes, I checked at your house yesterday but you are not in. I’ve not seen Happy for three weeks now. I thought she traveled before and doesn’t want me to now her whereabouts. But now I’m worried, I’ve been calling since and her phone was switched off. I also checked at her department I was told she hadn’t been attending lectures for weeks now. She’s also not online. I just hope she’s OK” she informed.
“Happy moved out of my house weeks ago, though we have issues to trash out. I called her number severally, it wasn’t available. I thought she did that just to avoid me. But now that you mentioned she’s not been attending lectures, I don’t know what to make out of that” I stated.
“May be we’ll have to report to the school authority” she suggested.
Something is fishy, and I can only trace it to Prince.
“No Let’s wait I promise I’ll find her. But if I can’t in the next three days, then we’ll report” I said and she agreed.
I entered into the car. “You can join me, if you are going home, I’ll drop you off” I offered.
She entered into the car and I drove out of parking lot.
She alighted at her bus stop that is before mine. I was alone now in the car, so I could think.
“Something is not right, I didn’t meet Happy in the house that very day, all are things are gone too. Prince already called her before I left his house in Abuja. I hope prince hadn’t abducted Happy. He said he’ll make her life a living hell. Prince is not that kind of person, I wonder what he’s up to. I silently pray she’s fine.


I got to my apartment and changed into a top and short. Afterwards I called Alawode secured line, I’m not sure which country he is presently. All I know is that he’s I’m not in Nigeria.
I placed the call. “Your access code please” the receiver said from the other side.
“364IM7J” I replied
“Hold on for some minutes please this call will be forwarded” The receiver’s voice said.
5minutes later, I heard his rich baritone voice which I’ve missed but I tried to put myself together.
“Admiral Gabriel Alawode! Where’s Happy?” I asked authoritatively.
“So you called because of that low life girl, after avoiding me for three good weeks!”
“That does not answer my question, where is she?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Oh! You think I don’t know. OK let me burst your bubbles. I heard your conversations with Happy before I left your house and I heard all the threats.
“Stay out of it Anike, that girl needed to be thought a lesson”
“I won’t stay out of it, where is she, where did you keep her”
“Anike I’ve been trying to reach for three good weeks now but to no avail, what you’re doing to us is not fair”
“I’m talking about someone’s lives you are talking about us. See there is no more ‘us’ Just tell me know where she is”
“Did you just say there is no us. Then your friend will rot in prison”
“Prince you really disappointed me, I thought you are one of the few people who doesn’t abuse their power”
“Anyone who messes with you, messes with me and won’t get away with it”
“Why are you making another person’s business yours, I can handle my friend you don’t have to interfere”
“I know you still held her because the two us are not on good terms, don’t pour your frustration on her. You are the one who did not trust your girlfriend enough and that is on you”
“Please hang up, if you don’t have any better thing to say” he said angrily.
I quickly sobered up. “Prince, I’m on my knees please release her. I know she did wrong by poking into our affair. Please release her” I pleaded crying
“Don’t overwork yourself she’s OK, I just want to torment her a bit, so stop crying”
“Do you agree to release her now”
“What about us?”
“We’ll talk about that later, I want Happy at my door step today. Then we can talk about us”
“Request granted” he said and ended the call.
True to his word, In the evening my Door bell rang and I checked the peep hole, it was Happy in flesh and blood.
To be continued

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