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Monday, 14 January 2019

Anike Episode 16| by Toyin Taiwo

He made to undress me and I held his hands.
“ Prince wait! Please put off the light” I said and released his hands.
“Anike stop been shy around me” he whisper softly into my ear. “Or is it because of our age difference”
I shook my head, I was nervous.
“Anike don’t tell me you’ve not done this before”
I nodded sharply.
“You are a virgin?”
I nodded again.
“I thought you had a boyfriend?” I nodded.
“You didn’t have s-x?” I nodded again
“Oh… my… Gosh!” he exclaimed and sat up.
“Prince!” I found my voice. I tried to pull him towards me
“Anike, I can’t take away your innocency, I have a daughter who’s your age. I can’t do it, at my age!”
“We don’t have an alternative here, just do it”
“I can’t take your virginity. I can’t do this to you Anike”
“Prince I’m ready?”
“Anike let’s sleep” he said and lay on his back.
I lay on my back too staring at the richly decorated pvc ceiling. I did a mental calculations in my mind.
“Many girls had given their virginity to guys who doesn’t worth it. Guys who doesn’t even love them or care about them. Guys who took them for granted, who never appreciate them. They gave it to them free. Prince deserves it not after everything he’s done for me
I made up my mind to do the needful. I reached for the bedside lamp and turned it off. I climbed on him and kissed him.
“Prince, take advantage of me”
“Anike stop!”
I unloosed the sash of my robe and pulled it off, revealing my bare body.
I kissed him deeply this time and he responded.
“Are you sure about this? He asked.
“Prince, I’m sure, make me a woman”
“Anike I did not even meet my own legally married wife virgin”
“Lets say fate gave you what you never had, so do it”
If that’s what you want, let’s make you a woman”
Before I knew it he was he was on top. I was nervous, my whole body was shaking.
Anike relax, if you don’t relax you’ll feel the pain more”
He made sure I was well lubricated to reduce the friction.
“Please don’t hurt”
“I promise it won’t hurt much, I’ll go in slowly”
He made love to me and minutes later, my virginity was history. We had s-x twice that night and the second time he made sure the light was on. I closed my eyes, I don’t want to see his face when his eyes are feasting on my body. I bled those two times, but the s-x was not that painful as I envisaged.
The next morning, I woke up and saw a small table with food set before me.
“Breakfast in bed!”
“Good morning sunshine” he said smiling.
“Good morning and thanks for the treat”
“How’s the pain?”
“A bit sore but I’m fine. I have to brush my teeth first” I said and went into the bathroom to brush.
I ate my breakfast while he was busy starring at me like I came from another planet.
Later that morning, we made love again in broad daylight. Though I was a bit shy but he said that it will fade away with time.
I set to leave in the afternoon and this time he accompanied me to the airport.
Ever since that night he took my virginity. Admiral Alawode worshiped the ground I walked on.
That week he bought me a brand new car, Honda civic 2016 model. It was delivered in front of my hostel. It was a big surprise for me, he didn’t inform me, he just called and told me to meet someone at the gate of my hostel. I saw Mr PA and the car. All the students in my hostel insisted I must celebrate it which I did. That week he sent #1M into my account.
The following weekend, I joined him in south Africa, he’s PA showed me around, Prince was busy all through. He only joined me in his hotel room in the evening. We hang out once before we returned to Nigeria on Sunday.
Some weeks later, we started our 1st semester exams. I didn’t go to Abuja through out my exams period.
After my exams, I went to the departmental office with some of my course mates to collect our IT letter.
I rented a two bedroom flat for myself off campus. My things were much, there’s no where I could keep them till I come back from IT. Although I don’t plan to live in the hostel in 500l, so more reason why I got the place. I moved all my things from the hostel into my new apartment.


I told prince, I want to have my IT in Lagos, there I can get big pharmaceutical companies or food processing company where I could work or NAFDAC, I prefer the later, though they don’t pay much but I needed the experience. He promised to help me secure my IT placement.
I went to Abuja, I spent one week with him, before going back to Lagos. He pulled some strings for me and I was told to submit my IT letter in NAFDAC the following week, just for formalities sake.
I went home to my family members, my mom was glad I’ll be staying with them for good six month.
Although I lied to her, I was ask to resumed in two months time. I had to lie because I had plans with Prince who was on 8weeks sabbatical leave.
For good two months I was flying everywhere, from one country to another with Prince. We traveled to UK, US, Dubai, Tanzania, Dublin, France…it was a world tour and the experience was great. I shopped to the extent that I got tired of shopping.
I came back finally to Nigeria, Lagos to be precised for my IT. I wasn’t able to go to Abuja on weekends like I do in school. My Mummy never buy my excuses for traveling. I only visited twice and that was because I lied I had a wedding to attend.
Prince had to come to Lagos to block me. We do meet in a five star hotel in Lagos.
Six month into my affairs with Prince. I gave my mum a cheque of #5 million to get a shop and start her own business from my own personal savings. After a long sermon that Prince is just helping us, no string attached my collected the check. She even made an offer to meet and thank him one on one, but he told her that wouldn’t be necessary. Prince also changed the document of the house we are staying in lekki to my name. But I didn’t tell my mummy.
My account started buzzing and I decided it’s time to give back to the society. I started helping the less privileged which includes visiting orphanage homes. I donate also in churches.


Gradually I started falling for Admiral Gabriel Alawode.
One of the things I love about him is that despite is age, he’s very young at heart. He knows everything that’s happening in the social world. He knows the trending artists, music, actors. He’s a social media person, only that he doesn’t expose his private life on it. In fact I sometimes get fresh gist from here.
He only feigns rigid and over seriousness when he’s on uniform but once he’s out of the uniform, or behind closed door, he is down to earth.
He was a sweet man to be with and He was just so sweet to me that I couldn’t help falling in love with him.
There was a day we were having a phone conversation and at the end, I subconsciously said ‘I love you’
“Anike did you just say you love me?” he sounded excited.
“Did I just say I love him?” I asked myself too.
“Ehm…no… I…”
“Its OK, you don’t have to deny it”
“I love you too my Princess” he said before disconnecting.
Ever since then, we always end our calls with ‘I love you’ and it never sounded awkward to me, rather it sounds like music in my ears.
To be continued……………..

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