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Monday, 14 January 2019

Anike Episode 14| by Toyin Taiwo

I went back to his bedroom he was now awake.
“Good morning, how was your night” he asked.
“Fine I was told my things have been moved into your room”
“ Yes, you are no longer my guest or you still consider yourself as one?”
I just gave him a faint smile. He continued.
“I already told you what I want from you, if I just want to sleep with you, I would have taken you to a hotel, you won’t be in my house not talk of sleeping in my room, on my bed.
“I get it sir, it’s about companionship and not just se.x”
Prince” he corrected.
Ok Prince, I need to bath, where are my things”
He led me to his closet And I almost fainted, when I saw his closet. Designer Shirts….suits….pants…..ties….shoes…..perfumes, wristwatches, name it. The closet could pass for a boutique.
Then I walked down the closet and took a closer look and I saw female collections ranging from wears, shoes, bags, purse, female wristwatches, all designers and I noticed the clothes and shoes were all my size. Is this what I’m thinking?”
“They are all yours, except you don’t like them” I heard his voice from behind.
“Prince! Of Corse I love them, thank you”
“You don’t have to come with clothes whenever you are coming to Abuja, in fact you can just come in with just your phones and purse. You are also free to take any of them along with you when you’re going back to school”
“Prince you will spoil me rotten” I pointed out.
“Allow me spoil you my princess”
I saw my box at the corner, I picked the things I needed including underwears and went into the bathroom, locked the door from inside.
He saw me when I came out of the bathroom with a top and towel around my waist.
“Anike…. He said teasingly. I walked passed him and went into the closet. I picked a Givenchy peach color peplum laced top on Amy green midi length fitted pencil skirt. By the time I was through dressing up, he was already in the bathroom. So I went to sit in one of the sitting rooms.
We ate breakfast and I informed him I’m going to church. Since he didn’t sleep with me the previous night I was still free to go to church, or so I thought.
“I’ll tell one of the drivers to take you” that was all he said.
I was happy he didn’t frown at my idea of going to church.
After breakfast, I went back to put finishing touches on my dressing. I wore a light make up, I picked a matching Dolce&Gabbanna high heel sandal and purse. I looked at myself in the mirror and I liked what I saw. I looked classy and I determined to carry myself as one. Because I know everything I wear from now on is standard.
I was about to leave the room when he entered. I saw the look in his eyes, he gave some compliments before I left the room.
I came back from church and asked after Prince from his PA he said he’s not back from Church. “So he goes to church too, I thought” The master bedroom was locked but Mr PA opened it for me.
He met me eating lunch when he came back, he changed and joined me.
“You didn’t tell me you are going to church” I said
“You didn’t ask” he replied
“We could have gone to your church together”
“I worshiped at the chapel in Aso rock and you can only get in with a security clearance” he explained
“Oh! Now I get it”
“Don’t worry we can go together next time. I’ll arrange it”
“Really!” Seriously I wouldn’t mind. Worshipping in Aso rock chapel.
After having lunch. He took me to another sitting room, I’ve not been there before. This was exquisite, I wondered the amount of money that was put into the interior decoration. The first two sitting rooms is nothing compared to this one. We got talking, the TV was on CNN.
“I doubt if you watch any other station aside this CNN” I asked.
I noticed I’m more free with him, ever since last night.
“I thought you won’t complain” he smiled and handed the remote control to me.
“Help yourself” he said
“I changed the station to E! Entertainment.
“Ladies and entertainment gossips” he smirked.
He made some phone calls while I was engrossed with my TV program. He called his kids too.
“How old are they, your children” I asked when he ended the call.
“My daughter is 22 and my son is 19.
“This might sound awkward but your daughter and I are age mates”
“Yea, it sounds really awkward” He draw me closer to him and rest my head on his chest
To be continued

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