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Saturday, 22 December 2018


Sonia opened her eyes and saw her mother sitting besides her
"Are you okay?"
"Yes, how about the boy"
"He is safe, nothing happened to him" Sonia tried getting up but her left leg was hurt
"You need more time to get healed" Fred entered the ward, Sonia was expecting to see Destiny but she did not, Fred sat besides her
"Sonia are you okay?"
"Yes I'm getting better"
"Sonia, I will get you something to eat" Ann interrupted them and left
"Sonia, you shouldn't have taken such risk, what if something worst happened to you"
"Listen Fred, the poor boy might have died"
"Is okay you will be fine" he was about to lift her hand when Destiny entered with a nylon bag, he froze on setting his eyes on them, he was filled with jealousy, he wanted to turn back but Sonia had seen her already
"Destiny is here" Sonia said and Fred turned to his direction
"Destiny, I'm sorry for not wanting for you"
"Is okay, Sonia" Sonia looked up and came in contact with his eyes, Destiny lost all his words, he was lost, when Fred tried looking up at him
"Nanny asked me to give you this"
"Oh, thank you" she tried reaching for water but she couldn't
"Let me help you" Destiny said opening up the food flax
"Where is my mother" referring to Destiny
"She went home to pick few things"
"Okay guys, I have to go now" Fred said standing up
"Okay, I have to stay with her until nanny reruns"
"Okay, see you later" Fred left and Destiny sat down, Sonia did not say anything, she finally slept off.
Beatrice was waiting for Fred, Charlie was there as well when Fred walked in without talking to them
"Fred, where had you been, you promised to show me around, I had been waiting for you"
"I'm so tired, we can leave that for another day"
"Fred you had been avoiding me, what is the problem"
"I'm so tired to exchange words with you" he entered the house.
Sonia was fully recovered, she was busy cleaning up the house entry when Destiny walked in with Fred, she greeted them normally and concentrated on her work, Fred tried talking to her but she was avoiding him
"Sonia, had I done something wrong?"
"No but I'm too busy now" they sat down, Sonia finished up and went inside the house.
Destiny sat outside the class doing nothing in particular when he saw Charlie coming towards him, he pretended not to see her but she called his attention
"Hey! Destiny!" waving at him
"Hi" he replied, she sat besides him
"So, how is your final exam going?"
"Pretty good"
"Very soon, you will pass out from school"
"Yeah I'm really waiting for that" he replied
"Can you make it up with me on Sunday?"
"Emm... "
"Not sure?" she cuts in
"Yeah, my dad will be around on weekend and we will have a lots to talk about"
"I understand, is okay, I can make it to your house"
"Not really, I'm going to visit a cousin"
"Okay, we can see any other time, when will your exam come to an end"
"Next Week"
"Woah, is almost close, I'm going to miss you" resting her head over his shoulder, Destiny was uncomfortable, he adjusted and stood up, he saw Sonia coming out with her school bag, this time, she goes home alone because Mary had been living in the school.
Fred met Beatrice on her way going out,
"Fred, talk to me, what is going on"
"I'm sorry Beatrice but I don't think we can continue, is over between us"
"Why?,..wh... what have I done, we need to talk about it"
"Is too late for that, I'm sorry" she tried grabbing his hand but he dragged it out, Beatrice failed down weeping and Fred left the house.

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