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Saturday, 22 December 2018


Destiny visited Fred, he sat outside with Fred as they kept talking
"How is my Sonia"
"She is fine"
"I'm just waiting for her to accept me"
"Do you think that is possible"
"How do you mean"
"Sonia told me that she doesn't need a boyfriend when I spoke with her yesterday"
"Whatever it is, she will soon fall for me" Charlie interrupted them with her greeting
"Destiny, can I talk with you"
"I think I have to excuse you guys" Fred stood up and left both of them, Destiny went cold immediately, he was shriving all over
"Destiny I want us to talk"
"Is okay" he managed to reply trying not to meet her eyes
"I don't think is that bad for a girl to approach a girl that she loves, I'm in love with you and I want us to be closer to each other"
"You are far from reality, but I don't think that I'm interested"
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"perfect, we can make it together, can we start from having a date?"
"I'm not... "
"No excuse, you are such a cool guy" she stood up and left, Destiny was totally amazed, can a girl possibly toast a guy, he was staring at thin air when Fred tapped his shoulder smiling
"You had a good time with my sister right?"
"I.. I.. don't.. understand" getting more confused
"Congratulation my man"
"Whatever, I need to leave now"
"Alright bye, take care of my Sonia" Destiny ignored him and left
Charlie sat outside and Beatrice walked in with her luggage
"Beatrice!" Charlie jumped up and hugged her
"when did you arrive"
"Right now, where is Fred"
"He will be here soon" Fred comes out from the house holding a bottle of wine and tumbler, setting eyes on him, Beatrice jumped up and hugged him
"I have missed you baby" Beatrice said with smile all over her face
"You never informed me before coming" Fred replied looking unhappy
"Fred, at least welcome her first"
"Okay you are welcome"
"Thanks" they all went inside, Charlie occupied her in her room.
Sonia was inside the class with Mary
"Sonia, let's go and watch the singing theme"
"I'm not comfortable with cloud, I can't go there"
"Come on Sonia, there is no much cloud"
"If you says so" they both went there and sat down, Charlie is their theme leader, she stopped and walked to them
"Hey both of you should leave here"
"But we are not the only one here, why do you want us to leave" Sonia asked
"Leave now before I push you out"
"We are not going anywhere, we have the right to stay anywhere of our choice"
Mary replied, Charlie and her group started pushing them out, at that spot, Sonia collapsed, she was sweating all over
"See what you have done to her" Mary barked at charlie.
Sonia opened her eyes in the school hospital and found Mary sitting besides her
"Mary what happened to me" the doctor walked in, he examined her for sometimes
"How long had you been suffering from this disease"
"You mean you never knew?"
"Talk to me doctor"
"You are suffering from brain tumour"
"Oh my God!"
"Make sure that you takes your drugs" he left.
Sonia was coming out from the school hospital and met Destiny talking with Charlie with her hand around him, Sonia was hurt, she managed to leave the school premises with the help of Mary.
Sonia sat outside the house looking sad, Destiny walked to her
"Sonia what is wrong, you don't look cheerful"
"I will prefer to go back to the way I started my work, you are my boss"
"What has gotten over you"
"I have to go now, I still have a lots to do inside" Sonia went inside.
Sonia was coming back from school when she saw a little boy walking at the middle of the road, a car was fast approaching, Sonia rushed and pushed the little boy out, the car knocked her down.
To be continued.

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