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Saturday, 22 December 2018


Harry’s pov;

“Where can I hide?” I thought as I walked around a quiet street, I was just about to leave when I heard a door open and shut. I turned around and saw the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen “She looks familiar” I thought but couldn’t really get it to click.
I followed her and saw that she was going to the supermarket. “I need money and a car and hopefully the cashier has both the house is already fixed by Louis.”

When the girl walked into the store I waited until a few minutes before I walked in and went straight to the cashier and I took my pocket knife and killed her but the stupid b!tch had to make sounds. I took her car keys that was in her pocket and hid behind a shelf until I saw the girl walking out from the candy isle and I took my chance walked behind her as she dropped her stuff to the floor “And then it clicked, it was my love Magie”.

Just as she was about to call the police she felt my presence and pressed my gun to her back and asked; “What do you think you're doing love?”

Maggies pov;

I turned around and met the green eyes haunting eyes of a murderer and old friend, just as I was about to turn and try to make a run he put his arms around me. “Please get if me I won't tell anyone!” I screamed at him. “Shh princess, I think that letting you go is a risk I’m not willing to take and you are really pretty and I do miss you, say why don’t you come with me and make up for the time we have lost” Harry said with the raspy voice that could make any girl melt on the spot “I don’t remember him being this hot” I taught.

He pressed the cold thing behind me harder against me and started pushing me to the register. “Please don’t kill me.”  I whimpered. “I won't if you shut up, I’m just going to take some money.” Harry screamed/whispered.

After Harry took the money he put the gun in his pants and started dragging me out the back of the store I tried fighting back but he would just ignore me and continue dragging me.

“Stop fighting love the faster we’re not the faster we’ll be home together “Says Harry “No I won't stop fighting and I’m not going home with you.” I screamed in his face. Harrys jaw clenched and then he threw me to the floor and our fight/wrestling game started. “Shut up! You’ll listen to me; you will stop fighting one way or another.” Harry yelled at me.

I started to get so exhausted from him succeeding to always get me to the ground before I’m even half standing so I just went limp with tears all over my face. 

“Finally.” Harry said as he picked me up bridal style from the floor and started walking out the back door. Harry put me in the front seat, buckled me in and got into the driver seat and he started driving. “You remember me, don’t you?” harry asked, but I didn’t answer. “Do you remember me?” Harry screamed, “Yes.” I whispered, “We’re going to talk why you reported me to the cops later.” He said out of the blue.

In the middle of the drive I noticed we were driving put from the city and I couldn’t stop him so the only thing I could to was cry and after a few minutes I couldn’t stay awake any longer so I feel asleep.

“Wake up sweetheart.” I heard Harry whisper in my ear.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw that we were driving out in the middle of nowhere in the woods. “Where are you taking me?” I whimpered as I started remembering who I’m in the car with.

“Sweetheart what’s the matter everything is fine, we are going to our new home where we will be together finally.” Harry said in a relaxed tone. “I want to go home.” I whimpered. “I’m driving as fast as the car will allow me to, we will be home in 5-10 min….” “No! I want to go to my real home you disgusting piece of sh!t” I screamed at Harry.

Harry pulled over as fast as I stopped screaming. “What did you just say?” Harry said while clenching his jaw, “Nothing.” I whimpered remembering who I was talking to. “Are you sure cause I could do a experiment to see how long a 17 years old girl can go without food.” At this moment I am regretting what I said “Yes, I didn’t say anything.” I said while looking out the car window.

The rest of the driver was quiet until I saw my new ‘home’.

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