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Sunday, 23 December 2018


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“ mom you can’t do this to me, everyone in this kingdom look down on me, they mock me all they want the only friend I have in this sea is sister Adriana and the old siren let me leave please ” Janelle pleaded. “ no you will have your temporary legs and that doesn’t make you human and you will never be!” the queen yelled angrily. “ hmm coward, want to run away from your problem?” Andrea asked movkingly. “ here comes the brainless princess I’ve ever known, come to think of it, if you were given a brain instead of producing those ugly pearls with your eyes it would have been better, look at my pearl look at yours”
Adriana defend Janelle. “look who’s talking, and what do you achieve with your brain?”
Andrea try to hide her anger. “ something you can’t gain even if you work and your tail looses its colour” Adriana said laughing. “ I am your sister you don’t talk to me like that!” Andrea yelled and her eyes turn green just like her tail. All the pearls she form with her tears began to rise charging at Adriana with full force but the latter wave them off. “ what was that? A princess attacking with pearl?” Adriana asked while Janelle is already shaking with fear. “ you are too senseless that you don’t know how to use your powers” Adriana added.
“ what?!” Andrea’s eyes light up again she made to strike janelle but something block her pearls from reaching Janelle instead hitting her with full force. While all this is happening daniella is having a terrible headache in her room, she keep hearing screams and voices in her head, what bothers her most is that she can’t get any meaningful thing from those voices. She grab her phone to call her mom but she lost consciousness, Janelle on her own part felt
something she swam with full force to the surface of the water. She felt her tail touch the ground and they become legs. “ how did this happen I thought they said its two months time” Janelle said happily. She felt her legs dragging her, although she haven’t walk before but she felt she is running towards Daniella’s house. She barged into the room with the help of her instinct and she found daniella lying on the floor. “ what should I do? What am i doing here? I have to go back, what is even wrong with me?” she asked herself rhetorically. She manage to lift daniella up and she help her lie on her bed although Janelle’s legs hurts like hell because its still temporary. Just then a tear drop from Daniella’s eyes and immediately it turn into two beautiful pearls. “ how can a
human tears form pearl?” janelle is terrified. She put one of the pearls in Daniella’s mouth and she kept the other. She hurried back to the sea when she found out she is naked.
“ janelle where the hell did you go swimming like that?” Adriana asked. “im
dreaming aren’t I? First I heard a scream, my tail turn to legs and I saw a human tear turn  to pearl I’m going crazy” janelle said shivering. “ what? Janelle you are driving me crazy” Adriana shouted. “ just a drop of tears turn to two beautiful pearl” Janelle show Adriana the pearl. “ this looks like mine ha the cute one is alive!” Adriana thought with her mind. “ hello? Who is the
cute one? I swear sis you are driving me crazy!” janelle shouted.

_____The next morning____

Daniella woke up with her headache and without a memory of what happened to her.
She took her toothbrush and she made to brush her teeth but the image she saw in the mirror terrify her and she screamed.
What do you think she saw?

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