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Friday, 21 December 2018


He opened his mouth  to speak but shut it again because he knows that Elizabeth is right.

Elizabeth sighed, “Don’t get me wrong Edward, I’m no saint! I do have my own selfish reasons for agreeing to our engagement. But I won't go around having affairs knowing fully well I’m already engaged.

She looks at him accusingly.

“You know what, between you and your brother, I thought you were the good guy. That’s why even if I didn’t love you; it was easy for me to accept the engagement. But knowing what you did to her, I’m beginning to think otherwise.”

“Are you breaking off our engagement now?” Edward asks.

Elizabeth shakes her head.

“Oh no my dear Edward, like I said I have my own selfish reasons so don’t expect me to break off our engagement anytime soon!”
Edward heaves a sigh of defeat.
“I’ll take you home now.”

Elizabeth nods.           

The whole drive was quiet.

Each lost in their own thoughts.

They reached Elizabeth’s condo with none of them speaking.
Edward was about to go out and open the car door for her but Elizabeth stooped him.

“Don’t bother. Just go home now!” then she got out of the car.
When Edward saw her enter the building, he started his engine and drove off.
Edward stopped the car and got out.

His feet brought him to the condo that he and Mary Dale shared.
He doesn’t know what he would tell her when he sees her.

“Apologize?” he thought.
“For what?” he answers himself
“For breaking her heart?” and he feels his own heart breaking at that thought.

The receptionist spots him and calls his attention.
“Sir Edward? Sir, Ma’am Mary Dale left this for you!” and then she hands him the envelope.

Edward looks at her confused.
He ripped the sides of the envelope and sees a key inside it.
It's the key to her unit.

Edward was filled with dread upon seeing it.
He took long and hurried strides towards the elevator.
It feels like forever before he reached her floor.

He immediately opened the door to her unit.
The place looks the same as when he left this morning.
He went to the bathroom and turned on the lights.

He opened the closets and sees her clothes still in there.
He saw all the jewelries he had given her laid out on the vanity table.
Every single one of them is there.

Even the bracelet he had filled with charms of their memories together.
The only thing missing is the jewelry box he gave her for her birthday.

He picked up the charm bracelet and sat down on the floor beside the bed.

As he was looking at each charm, tears started to stream down his face as memories flooded him.

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