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Thursday, 20 December 2018


He backed her into the wall and held her arms tightly.
Mary Dale feels the pain of Edward’s grip.
But the pain in her arms is bearable unlike the ache in her heart.
“Why Edward, would he get anything from me that I haven’t already given to you? At least he didn’t pretend to love me just so he could bed me.” She wants to spat at him.
But no, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that she is hurting.
So instead she looked Edward straight in the eyes and said, “Like I said before, whatever it is that we talked about….”
She couldn’t finish what she was saying.
She jumped a little when Edward suddenly punched the wall behind her, “Damn it, Mary Dale!”
She rubbed her right fist on her chest, trying to still the rapid beating of her heart.
She saw Edward’s fiancé approach them.
Elizabeth held Edward’s arm.
“Stop it Edward! You're making a scene!”
Edward just looked at her crossly.
The other customers were starting to look at them.
“You wouldn’t want your father to know about this do you?” upon hearing what Elizabeth said, Edward snapped back to reality.
“Let’s go!” and he just let Elizabeth drag her away.
He glanced at Mary Dale but she already turned her back.
She feels out of breath.
But when she saw Jinnie approaching her, she fixed herself and tried to smile.
She hurriedly approached a customer to avoid Jinnie’s interrogation.
Meanwhile, outside the bar, Elizabeth and Edward went straight to his car.
In his frustration he didn’t even assist her before entering the car.
After putting on their seat belts, Edward punched the steering wheel.
“F*ck! F*ck!” he cursed repeatedly.
“Will you stop it Edward! You're acting like a spoiled brat whose favorite toy got snatched from him!”
He looked Elizabeth.
“Do you think I’d be happy after hearing that jerk offered Mary Dale to be his mistress??”
“I’ll repeat what Mary Dale said to you! Whatever it is they talked about should be none of your business! you don’t have the right to be upset or even react because you are no longer together! You already broke up with her, remember?”
Edward grew silent with what Elizabeth said.
“You're acting like a jealous boyfriend to your EX-girlfriend! I repeat Edward, your EX girlfriend!”
When Edward didn’t speak, Elizabeth continued.
“You know what, you're very funny!” and she even laughed.
When irked Edward more.
“You're like a child who saw a toy! At first, you wanted it so much but when you grew tired of it, you threw it away! Then when you saw someone pick it up, you want to have it back. FYI, Edward J

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