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Monday, 17 December 2018

The Adopted Twins Episode 1 | By Lurd Ken

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Tears rushed down her face like a stream. She couldn't stop crying. The more she remembered her experiences, the more she broke into tears. She had no here to go, no one to turn to. She was in state of anguish. Ndidi was her beautiful name. Ndidi was an orphan who grew up with her aunt in the village. After her secondary school education, there was no money to send her to a university. Ndidi had no choice other than to stay at good until help came. She was a beautiful girl of eighteen years of age. One day, Ndidi took her bucket to the stream to fetch water along with other girls in the village. On their way back home, they met two men who were in their youth corps uniforms. The girls paid no attention to them and headed towards home. Just then, one of the men ran after Ndidi who was angry for being stopped. Her friends couldn't wait, but went home. "Sorry for the intrusion “he apologized. "Thank God you know “she said.

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