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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

My Personal Taste (18+) Episode 18

*Rose’s point of view continues*
I stood at the door, still staring at Kelly.
He is sitting on the centre of his bed with his legs crossed. His back on me.
Then i saw the earphone on his ears.
He is actually singing and not crying?
I laughed.
But who sings this bad.
I chuckled. And was about to close his door back,
“Don’t think i haven’t seen you.” He said without turning.
Is he actually refering to me or its the music?
“Why the hell are you there staring?” He asked..
I was astonished.
Uh..Does this guy have some eyes at his back?
Then i saw that his bed has has two small square mirror at the pillow side.One at the left ending of his king -size bed and the other at the right.
He must have seen me from the right one.
Then, he turned with a frown, Taking the earphone outta his ears.
“Shouldn’t you be out of my house by now?” He asked.
I still stood at his door.
Im scared to go in, so he doesn’t throw insults at me.
“I asked you a question.” He said.
“I don’t have any money on me please. The thieves stole everything.” I said.
“Ofcos i know that.. Tomorrow im taking you to the airport and i wouldn’t want it exeeding tomorrow” He said.
I gasped.
“Thank you.” I said
And was about to close the door when he threw the question.
“What the hell where you doing behind the stairs that my mom had to see you?”
I swallowed hard. How do i explain this to him.
“I was looking for..for you. so i could beg you for Tfare.” I said.
“You know that’s a lie.”He said.
“You saw her slap me right and yell at me?” He asked.
I don’t know why he asked. And i don’t know if i should tell him that i did.
“Answer me.”
“Yes i did.” I said
Why must he be this authoritative.
“So can you tell me what you achieved by seeing that?” He asked.
“I was only curious.” I said, my face down.
“You know, I can’t save your d–n a-s, bring you to my house and you still snuck around. You don’t act lik a b—h in someone’s house.” He said and my pulse stopped.
Why do he always have to use my helplessness to mock and insult me.
Why did he help me if he knows he can’t bear to see me in his house.
“Go on.” He said.
“Kelly im sorry..” I said and looked up at him, His dark eyes on mine, “I appreciate that you saved me. I promise that im leaving early tomorrow morning.” I said and turned, closing the door.
Getting into the guest room, i fell onto the bed as tears filled my eyes.
I shouldn’t have come to lagos…I shouldn’t have cared about Jonny..
Why did i ever bothered Jonny.
Why did i ever tried to see him even after Queen told me a bit of all he’s been doing.
I still trusted him.
Even after seeing those pictures, i still went ahead to see him.
Oh God.
I was such an idiot to have borrowed that money.
How could I! I went on loving Jonny without knowing that the b—h is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Now, im in this house getting mocked and insulted by this guy, Kelly.
Why is he so arrogant.
“You’re hungry?” I heard him ask at the door.
When did he got in here?
“No.” I said and sniffled.
“I am.” He said.
What’s my business with that.
He order foods.
I stayed silent, my face on the pillow.
“Did you hear me?” He asked
I remained silence.
“Seriously i hate when im being snubbed.” He said.
“I won’t wanna say anything that would make you mock me again.” I said.
He laughed.
“Mock you. So what’s the big deal if i do?” His question hurt so much.
I shut my eyes.
“You are so rude.” I said.
“You think so?” He asked. I couldn’t believe he was on the bed now.
I turned to see him sitting on the bed.
“Thought you were never gonna turn.” He said.
I turned my face back to the pillow.
“Why you still on the pyjama?” He asked.
“Because i have just one clothe here and im wearing it tomorrow.” I said.
“I’ll get you one for tonight.” He said.
Then there was silence.
It was long and he don’t want to leave either.
“How do a woman feel when she is heartbroken?” I heard him ask. I was suprised at his question.
Like seriously?
Why is he asking me?
I don’t want to turn to look at him.
“Why did you ask that?” I asked.
“Because you’re a woman.” He said.
“She feel so much pains, shattered and used and she’s filled with so much regret.” I said.
That is how Jonny make me feel right now.
“I broke some many hearts.” He said
Oh! Including Aunty Caro’s.
I chuckled.
That must be the reason why his mom said he has messed some many girls up.
But how.
“And i did it for a reason.” He said.
I turned and stared at him. His back is on me, and his arms are folded.
“What reason?” I asked.
“You don’t need to know.” He said.
“Okay” I said.
There was a long silence again..
I wanted to ask him about his fiance.
I wanted to know that reason why he broke so many hearts.
But i can’t.
Im just a stranger to him.
How can he help me just last night and i want to know his personal issues so quick.
“I’ll need to go out now. To eat. Wanna come?” He asked.
Im hungry too but i’ll pretend.
“No. Im not hungry.” I said.
“Your choice.” He said as he got up and left, banging the door close.
Few minutes later, he was back with another pyjama.
What’s up with him and pyjamas all the time?
I watched him as he dropped it on the bed, turned and walked out.
**** ****
*Kelly’s point of view*
I walked out of her room and into mine. I grapped my car keys and my phones and walked out.
I got downstair, and then i walked to the door, opened it and shut it behind.
I walked to my car and inserted the key. I opened the door and jumped in, shutting the door back.
I turned on the engine and got my hands on the steering as i drove to the gate.
D–n! I’ll have to get down to open the f—–g gate.
I did.
I pushed the gate open and walked back to my car. I got in and drove out of the gate.
I got down to close it back.
Driving out of the estate gate, i turned into the road leading to the nearest eatery.
As i got to Rich Chef restaurant. The nearest restaurant around. I packed my car, turned off the engine and walked down, locking the door.
I walked into the place and got a sit on an empty table.
The place is cool and beautiful.
Just then, A waitress walked to me.
“Welcome Sir..Here is our Menu.”.She said, handing me a book.
I took it, went through it and i made an order
“Alright sir.” She said and walked away.
Just then, i sighted her.
Sugar? What the hell is she doing here?
Her back is on me and she’s talking with a man. A man older than me.
This girl’s nothing but i cheap s–t!
Just then, she kissed him.
This girl is a w—e!
And mom said she’s f—–g pregnant for me?
I still don’t believe that.
I would never ever do.
Just then, a text mesage came into my phone.
I opened it and it’s her message.
“I Saw You Walk In.. Enjoy The Show.”
“W—e!” I text her back.
“Oh Baby, You Don’t Call The Mother Of Your Unborn Child a W—e.” She text back.
I got mad! crazy and enraged.
The waitress came in with my order.
“Take it!” I yell at her and some eyes turned to my dierction, including Sugar’s.
I dropped money on the table and walked out of the restaurant.
I got into my car, raged and heartbroken.
I zoomed off to a bar.
To drink. To drink till i can wake up from this dream, from this nightmare.
I don’t believe this.
Sugar can’t be pregnant for me.
Oh no, she can’t.
I can’t marry that s–t!
I hit my forehead in frustration.
How can i get married to the b—h!
F–k f–k!
I hit the stairing hard.
I got to a bar and stopped. I walked down and went inside.
I sat down on an empty table.
The bar attendant came.
“Sir, What should i bring for you?” She asked.
“Drinks” I said.
“Which drink sir?”
“Any drink that would make me forget my pains and mistake.” I said.
She laughed.
“Ah. No probs oga. I will bring the best for you.” She smiled.
**** **
*back to Rose’s point of view*
Kelly was not yet back.
I was out in the sitting-room waiting for a sign of him but it seem he’s not gonna come home tonight
I am hungry and tired..
I just pray he brings me something to eat.. No matter how late it is, I’ll eat.
But went out over four hours ago.
What’s keeping him.
What’s still keeping Kelly.
I can’t believe that i searched the whole of that large kitchen but found nothing that i can prepare and eat.
What sort of a bachelor is Kelly?
If only i had went twith him.
Then i heard a loud knock on the door.
Why would he do that when there’s the doorbell!
I got up.
The loud knock came again.
I opened the door and Kelly staggered in.
Oh my goodness.
He is drunk.
“Didn’ f—–g hear…me knock the first time huh?” He yelled with a drunken voice. and advance towards me,
I moved back.
What’s he trynna do?
But then he fell down and layed flat on the ground.
I walked to him,
“Kelly.. You’re drunk.” I said
“Im not. you idiot!..” He shouted.
“You have to get up now..” I said. Trying to help him up, but i can’t.
I tried again, and he struggled and got up but he fell down again and then threw up really bad.
His cheek and his shirt got messed up with it.
I don’t know what to do but i got to do something.
So i ran upstairs, to my room, then to the bathroom. I took out a towel, and then i got a little bucket of water.
I rushed down to the sitting-room..
I dropped the bucket and towel and i went to Kelly and dragged him out of the messed floor
I then got the bucket and towel.
I went for his shirt buttons.
I have to get this shirt out of him.
“Don’t.. f—–g.. tou..touch me.” He said weakly.
He didn’t yell.
“I don’t want to either but i got no choice. I can’t leave you in this state. Messed up in your own vomit.” I said. and undid the last button and got the shirt out of his body.
I then dipped the towel into the water, and proceeded to clean up his cheek And some part of his hands and then his chest which was messed up with vomit.
He smells of alcohol.
Is this what he went to eat?
huh? Alcohol!
After i was done.
I thought.
I need to get him out of this cold floor. But i can’t get him to his room.
The couch. I would have to get him on a couch. He can sleep there.
I inhaled.
“Kelly” I called.
He’s eyes were closed. and he’s snooring.
I dragged him to the couch, and sat him up. His back on the seat, his head on the couch, and his face up. His a-s on the floor with legs spread wide.
I’ll need to get his shirt.
I ran upstairs and walked into his room.
I went to his wardrobe and opened.
My eyes can’t find any one to pick because they are just too many.
Anyway, i grapped a red shirt, and closed it back.
Down the stairs, i walked to him and i swear, i really struggled to put the shirt on him.
I wipe some sweat off my forehead as i walked to the messed floor and began cleaning up the mess with the towel and the water..

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