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Saturday, 15 December 2018

My Personal Taste (18+) Story by, Rejoice Episode 12

*Rose's point of view*
“Please sir, can i get permission to miss work this friday?” I begged my boss.
My boss looked at me with angry eyes.
“Rose, few weeks ago, you told me this same thing. You said your Aunty was sick and in the hospital. Now what is the problem?”
Im going to Lagos to meet Jonny.
I have to.
“My cousin's wedding is on friday.. I'm her bridesmaid. I can't miss that sir. Please Sir.” I said.
What a lie.
He stayed silent for what seemed to me like forever, then
“Okay then, you may go. I permit you.” He said.
“Thank you sir.” I said.
**** **
As i got back from work, i met my landlord at my door step.
my heart skipped!
I just hope it isn't about house rent.
The year havn't ended yet.
“Oga Landlord. Goodevening.” I greeted.
“Goodevening Rose. How are you?” He asked.
His face looked bright and happy.
I thanked God.
“Im fine.” I answered.
“Good. Good. The reason why i came is that, you know the year is about to end soon.” He began.
I knew it!
This man and money!
“I know landlord. We are still in september.” I said.
“I know. I just want to remind you. So you won't forget.” He said, grinning.
“Remind me?”
“Yes.. So you may start making accounts now..” He said.
Stupid man!
“Okay. Bye bye Landlord. Im tired and need rest now.” I said and walked pass him, into my apartment.
“Oh my God” i slumped into a the sofa in my room.
This is serious.
So so serious.
I'm not yet through with Lady B and Landlord is already reminding me of house rent.
“God i just pray i meet Jonny and take back the money i gave him.”
But what if i don't meet him?
whatever! i must meet him.
He must tell me the reasons why his line are unavailable for weeks now.
He must!
And those God forsaking pictures in that whore's phone.
He must explain everything one after the other.
And it would be this friday.
Aunty Caro who promised to give me transport fare to and fro had been keeping silent on me since after the little quarel we had.
I've tried telling reaching her to reconcile with her but her lines are also
Oh my world!
Whatever! I don't need her help.
I can do this by myself.. Or can't i?
Just then my phone rang.
Lady B..
Oh Lord!
seems like im going to cut the sim card into two.
But that won't still make her stop.
She will surely get my new line.
This woman is nothing but a witch!
I refused picking the call, then she called back.
And then Again.
And then again.
What the heck!
I took the phone angrily.
I'll have to pick it.
“Rose! Rose! Whey my money!?” Lady B screamed immediately i picked the call.
Crazy woman!
“Lady B good evening.” I greeted. As if the greeting would change what she have for me.
“Hold it! Make you hold that your greeting. Na my money i want.” She said.
“Lady B i go pay you your money. Cool your temper please.”
“Rose, your father!”
“Lady B” i called.
“Make you just dey wait for me for that your house.I go soon come with police.”
“Ah Lady B.. You can't do this na. Just calm down. i go pay you, abeg.” I said.
“You dey dare me Rose. I give you two weeks to give me my two hundred thousand or else,..”
“Abeg i go pay you.. Just give small chance.” I begged.
But she's dropped the call.
I shook my head.
Rose you are in big trouble!
Lady B!
I called her line but it was busy..
What do i do now?
I have to find this money and there is no other way than going to meet Jonny in that lagos he is right now!
He have to do something.
We need to pay Lady B her money.
God! what have i put myself into.
Im not even the one who spent the borrowed money, but im the one suffering to pay back..
While Jonny stay in lagos, less concerned!
He thinks he can abandon me here?
And makes his lines unavailable and then thinks i won't find him?
“Well, Jonny you lie! because im coming to lagos in three days time!”
*Kelly's point of view*
“I. Love. You. Sugarr” I whispered to her as i had my d**k in and out of her.
While she moaned.
Sugar and I met right after work.
And i drove her down to my house.
She said she wanna spend the weekend with me.
And i was happy.
I love this girl and i know she loves me too..
I feel happy that she's here in my house, on my bed.
And im making love to her.
Yeah, its love-making.
Not sex, because sex seem to me like a revenge for my sister's death.
I can't use that word on Sugar
After we had sex the first time, I thought i was going to dump her, but i couldn't.
Instead, i felt my self loving her the more.
I feel myself missing her each day.thinking about her.
Dreaming about her each time i close my eyes..
Isn'that sign of being inlove?
or is it lust?
or fear.
Im inlove with Sugar..
I know.
I love her.
I can't have enough of her.
I always want her each day...
She makes me loose myself.
She is the sweetest girl i've ever met.
The way she kiss me,..touch me,..Ride me..
She's super hot!
Her smiles are charming.
Her beauty...
What can i really say is the reason why im inlove with Sugar..
Is it her manners?
Her beauty
or her body?
I can't just explain but i know i love sugar..
and i want to love her forever..
Just then she pushed me away..
I looked at her.
I know she's up to something naughty.
She's just too naughty.
She turned and went on all fours...
Her ass up to my face.
“Doggy baby..” She said.
“Naughty girl.” I laughed.
She's just too super sweet and crazy!
And I just wanna love her on and on and on...

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