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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

My Personal Taste (18+) Episode 20

*Kelly’s point of view continues*
I heard her knock…
My heart skipped. Im scared she must have seen me.
I gently opened the door. Her face look okay.
“Why looking at me like that?” She asked, narrowing her eyes.
“Nothing.. I mean what kept you so long?” I asked, as i took my eyes off her and turned to get my car keys.
She didn’t answer.
I got my car keys and she walked out of the way.
So i had to walk behind her.
I don’t know why my eyes are so stubborn, they just keep staring at her a-s till we got downstairs.
She opened the door and walked outside, i followed, locking the door.
She got to the car and stood, waiting with her hands inside her sweater pockets.
I inserted the keys, opened the door and got in, she got in too.
She took the front seat.
I turned on the engine and drove off to the gate. Now, i’ll need to open it.
“I’ll go open it.” She said.
I shrugged.
She got down and walked to the gate and pushed it open.
I drove out of the gate, and she closed it back.
I fastened my seat belt.
She got into the car, and did same and i drove off..
“Must be thinking why i don’t have a gateman right?” I asked.
“Not all bachelor do.” She said.
I smiled. I like her answer.
We drove pass the estate gate and into the busy road.
I saw her through the side view mirror, She’s sweating. Probably because of the sweater she’s putting on.
“You know, you should speak out when you need something.” I said without turning.
“What?” She glanced at me.
“That you need some air.” I said and switched on the Air conditioning.
Her eyes followed my hand. Then she brought it down.
“Why do you have to always make mockerys when you’re helping someone?” She asked.
“Who?” I asked.
“Me” She said.
“I don’t know. I just say them.” I said. And turned into another road.
She stared out the window.
I took a quick glance at her. And i noticed for the first time, i guess.
She look so natural.
Her long black hair, she packed into a ponytail. The little hairs in the front curled all the way down her ear.
It lookso sweet.
Her eyelashes are long and full.. Her eyebrows are carved so perfectly for her long face.. Her cheek look so smooth and soft.
I remember her.. her a-s.
God! I don’t want to remember that.
This is temptation and im not ready to fall into it.
Not with her.
“We just passed a market.” She said, looking at me.
“Market?” I looked back through the side mirror and saw it.
I laughed. How does she expect me to buy things there?
A local market!
“I don’t buy things in such dirty places.” I said.
“Okay.” She said and turned back her eyes to the window, staring outside.
I got to the Supermarket and drove to a parking lot.
I turned off engine.
I looked at her, she looked at me.
“Here we are.” I said.
We got down and walked into the Super market.
Im not gonna get any of the stuffs into my hands for any thing. you should do that , i’ll walk right beside you.. Just this way ” I said.
“Do you even know how to do any thing at all?” She asked.
“That sounds somehow like an insult.” I said.
“Its just a question.” She said and went for a basket.
I followed her.
“Here.” She said and stretched one basket to me.
I frowned, “What the f–k are you trying to give me to hold. This?” I asked, annoyed.
“You need to hold one Kelly.” I said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Incase mine falls and breaks.” She laughed.
Idiot! I laughed too.
“Here, have it.” She said.
I inhaled, then took it.
I can’t believe i did.
“Look around to see that you ain’t the only guy holding a shopping basket.” She said in a low tone.
What’s my f—–g business if there are thousands of them. I don’t f—–g like what im holding.
“And so f—–g what? I don’t f—–g like what im holding.” I said. Irritated.
“Let’s look over there.” She said in the same tone.
Ignoring anything about the basket.
I clenched my teeth angrily and followed her.
Hell!. No one who know me must see me with this. How the hell did i even thought of going to a Supermarket.
We could have just gone to an eatery.
But Sugar! it’s all cos of her…
Then I felt two things drop into the basket on my hand.
I looked to see two beef Cans inside.
I looked at hers, saw two packets of what i don’t know.
“Why not put the beef in yours together with those?” I asked, vexed.
“You gonna get bored carrying just an empty basket around.”
“I won’t!” I said.
“C’mon. We still have lots of things to buy. Your kitchen needs to be filled up.” She said.
“I don’t need them. I don’t f—–g cook.” I said.
She didn’t say anything but walk ahead of me.
I breathed hard and followed her.
“Here, have this.” She threw a pack into my basket.
I can’t believe, we still here for over an hour.
My basket is almost full and i find it hard to be able to carry it any longer.
“Can you just stop picking more?” I yelled at her.
“But you..”
“You’ll have to carry this two baskets if you dare touch one item again.” I said.
She shrugged.
“Okay, just this last one?” She pleaded, showing me a cornflakes pack.
“No.” I said.
I don’t even eat that.
“Please..” She begged.
I rolled my eyes.
Why’s she pleading like she’s exceeding today in my house and would be the one to eat it?
Heaven knows, In few hours. she’ll be gone.
“Please Kelly.” She said, insisting.
“Okay fine!” I said and she happily threw into my basket.
I threw a fierce look at her.
“Oh sorry, mine is filled up so much. I can’t put it.” She said.
“You’re f—–g crazy.” I said.
She smiled at me.
What’s funny.
“Hey man. Have this one.” I heard a voice say behind me.. I turned and i don’t know if my heart flinched to find out it’s a long time buddy.
Kelvin. He was holding a basket carrier
“Hey, Kel.” I said, suprised.
“Woah!..Kel.” He said. It seems he just found out it’s me.
We call each other with that abbreviation, Kel.
“Mahn. Kel, It’s been a while.” He said. and we shook hands in the men’a style.
“I lost all contacts about you. What happened?” I asked him. It’s been three years now.
I met Kelvin in school. We were in the same department and he was indeed a brainy then.
He’do help me with so many assignment. while im out, partying and clubing with some new catch.
He’s parents weren’t so rich but they were the middle class. So he’do help me with my school works while i pay him in money in return.
Kelvin is fat. Really fat but he’s good to go anytime.
“Mehn.. Its a long story..” He said.
I smiled.
“Woah! you came shopping? I can’t believe this Man.” He said.
He looked at her.. I did same..
She was looking at the groceries again.
I know she must have added another stuff into the basket.
“Your new catch?” He asked.
I laughed.
“No. Just.. just a good friend.” I lied.
“Wow good friend. She’s really beautiful man. Woah! just take a look at her. Mannn!” He said, and gave me a wink.
I faked a smile.
“Man, i saw a guy struggling to carry the shopping basket filled up with groceries. Decided to get him this, without even knowing it’s my buddy.” He said.
I laughed, “Good of you man..”
I took the basket to get it into the carrier but Kel came,
“Man i’ll help you with that..” He said.
“Ain’t you gonna introduce me to your good friend?” He asked.
“Oh.. my bad!” I said.
“Hey girl..” I called her.
She came over.
F–k! I don’t even know her name.
“Ehm..Mary meet my friend, Kelvin and Kelvin this is Mary, my friend.” I said.
She gave me a fierce look.
I gave her a sign to play cool.
Kelvin smiled at her and she smiled back with such a smile i could swear was
“Hi Mary” He said stretching his hand for a handshake. She took out her hand and they shaked.
She quickly threw a wicked glance at me.
“Kelly can tell you more about me.” He said.
She smiled. A fake smile.
“I’ll help you guys to the checkout.” He said and went for the basket carrier.
“Kel, let me have your contact.” I said to him when we were out of the Supermarket.
He did.
“I’ll give you a call so we chill out some other time.” I said to him.
“No probs man.” He said.
Mary was already in the car.
Mary indeed!
I got into the car.
“Alright Mary. Take care of yourself ok. Bye. Please you gotta continue being a good friend to Kel.” He said to her.
She faked smiled.
“Bye” She said.
“Alright man. See ya later.” I said.
“Cool” He said and gave me a thumb up.
I start up the car engine and drove out of the Supermarket.
“Why did you have to lie about my name?” She asked.
“Cos i don’t know your name and i don’t have a choice girl.” I said.
She crossed her arms, “Funny” She said.
“Im sorry about that.” I said.
She gazed out the window.
I drove on.
After a long silence,..
I want to start a conversation.
“Is your name that special to know?” I asked.
“Rose” She replied.
“You mean Roseline?”
I wanna be sure. That’s my mom’s name.
“Rose.” She said.
Okay, not Roseline
“Alright.” I said.
Its all the same.
“Nice name” I said.
She was silent.
“Im Kelly.” I said, trying to make her laugh.
She chuckled instead.
“You seem funny at times.” She said.
“Yea.” I said, and glanced at her.
She’s really beautiful, just like Kel said.
I don’t know what’s getting into my head.
This have to stop.
This morning, i saw.. i saw her a-s, now im staring at her,. Thinking she’s really beautiful.
“Please stop staring at me and focus on the steering.” She said.
“Don’t think i am.” I said and then focused on the steering.
“So what’s the meaning of all that you pulled there in the Supermarket?” I asked.
“Giving me a shopping basket and then, filling it up with heavy stuffs.” I said.
“I didn’t want you to get bored.”
“Bored?” I asked.
“Yeah. Not having anything to hold in a mall can be so boring. And i don’t want you to face such boredom.” She said.
“You just crazy.” I said.
She smiled.
I turned on the radio.
It played Chris Brown’s song, No Air.
I love this song.
She sang along seconds later..
I smiled.
Her voice is beautiful.
She continued, “…I’m here alone didn’t wanna leave
…My heart won’t move it’s incomplete
…If there was a way that I could make you understand…
..But how do you expect me to live alone with just me?
…cause my world revolves around you it’s so hard for me to breathe…
…Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air?
….Can’t live, can’t breathe with no air
…It’s how I feel whenever you ain’t there
…It’s no air, no air..”
I joined in.
“Got me out here in the water so deep..”
She looked at me.
I didn’t look.
We sang on, “…tell me how you gon be without me?
If you ain’t here I just can’t breathe
It’s no air, no air…
No air.. No air…”

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