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Saturday, 15 December 2018

My Personal Taste (18+) Episode 16

*Rose's point of view*
I yawned as i turned to and fro on the bed.. I found it hard to sleep..
I didn't.
How can i anyway?
When someone i gave my whole heart to had just broken it.
Had thrown it into the sand.
Jonny had hurt me beyond forgiveness!
Can i ever forgive him for what he did to me.
How on earth do i even know the worst he had been doing all this while. Behind my back!
God, i should have known.
I should have known that Jonny is such a fool! such an asshole.
Such a cheat!
Now, im stranded.
No money, no phone,
How would i even get back to delta?
Im Stranded because of Jonny! The bitch.
I stood up from the bed and walked to the window. I drew the curtains as rays of the morning sun ruminated the room.
I looked up at the blue sky as i inhaled and shrugged. I was grateful to God that i didn't have to see this morning in the dirty streets of lagos,
rapped and in pain.
I was grateful that he sent Kelly to save me.
I heard a knock. It wasn't gentle tho.
Who else but the rude Kelly.
“Come in.” I said.
He did.
I turned to face him, “Goodmorning” I said.
He was putting on a pyjama as well
He Seems to be a pyjamas lover.
“You don't look that bad on that.” He said. A mock actually.
“What would you eat so i can make an order?” He asked.
“Rice would do.” I said.
“Fried or stew?” He asked.
“Anyone.” I said
He walked out.
I stood up and walked into the bathroom.
I haven't brushed yet.
My face too!
I looked at the mirror.
God, i look horrible.
The eye bag below my eyes are big and hung tiredly.
My hair is scattered and look so rough.
The pyjama look a little big on me, but still look okay.
But i look really unrecongnizable.
I searched for a toothbrush but i couldn't find any.
I sighed!
Do i have to go requesting for a toothbrush now?
From that rude someone!
He's just going mock at me again.
But i have to brush my teeth.
I would have to ask him!
I turned on the tap and washed my face in the sink.
After i was done, i walked out and headed to a door which i saw Kelly enter when he went to get me the clothe.
It must be his bedroom.
 I was about to knock, when something stoppedme.
My thoughts.
Is it right to just knock on someone's bedroom for just a toothbrush?
I wouldn't want him to flare up.
Maybe i should check the sitting-room first.
So i did.
I met him sitting on a couch, going through his phone.
He was putting on a black shirt and a white and black strip short now.
I walked to his front and he looked up, then back to his phone.
“Be patient. Food would soon arrive.” He said without looking up.
“Not it.” I said.
“So?” He asked and looked up at me.
“I need a toothbrush please.” I said.
He chuckled.
What's funny!
“Uh..I'll go get you one.” He said and stood up.
I followed him.
He got to his room and went in, I stayed behind.
Few minutes later, he was out at the door with a toothrush.
“Here..” He said, and straightened it to me and I took it.
Then we heard the door bell ring.
He walked past me and down the stairs while I went to my room.
Who else would it be than the person who had brought the ordered food.
Anyway, I shouldn't show myself around whosoever that come to his house.
I walked into the bathroom and proceeded to brush my teeth.
When i look at the mirror, i remember Jonny and i felt weak.
Does it mean that heart breaks hurt this much.
This much that i can't stop thinking about him?
My heart hurts bad but still i find it hard to stop.
I love Jonny, but he betrayed me. He cheated me. He did it in the most horrible way.
How could he.
I felt tears gather. I blinked my eyes and they dropped. I washed it off with water.
How do i beg Kelly for transport to go back.
He would absolutely mock and laugh at me.
But he saved me. Kelly helped me.
He could still help me.
After i was done brushing and putting my hair in a better shape, I walked out of the bathroom and when i got to the stairs, i paused to make sure
no one was with him.
I saw no one,
He was at the dinning, eating already!
He didn't bother to call me.
This guy is so rude.
I walked down the stairs.
He saw me. then went on eating.
I walked over to the dinning, looking at him as he ate spoons after spoons of fried rice.
He don't want to say anything, so i sat down opposite him.
That was the seat beside me.
He pushed a covered plastic plate of rice to me without looking up.
I opened it and the rich smell of the rice made my stomache excited.
The fried rice is tantalizing with a well good sizeable chicken meat.
I took a spoon. Yummy!
Kelly hadn't looked at me all this while. He just concentrated on the food, but the way he ate is too slow.
He seem to be thinking.
I shrugged.
Everyone has their personal problems.
I reached for a water and drank.
As i ate the ever so delicious rice, I wondered why Kelly's face has been down.
He had stopped eating too.
What's wrong with the rude guy?
“K...Kelly” I called in a low tone.
“What!?” He asked without looking up. It was more of a yell than a question.
This guy is always rude!
“You ain't eating your food..” I said.
“And how the hell is that your business!?” He yelled.
This guy really got a mood switch.
Cool this minute, crazy the next minute.
I stayed silent.
I don't want to anger him.
“Get done with that fast. You're getting out of
here. I'll hand you some money for transport.” He said as he pushed his plate of rice away.
I instantly lost my appetite.
He stood up and walked out, to the sitting-room.
I became so sad. Not because i was going to leave. Ofcos i want to! but because he seem to be upset.
I guess it's because of me.
Because i'm in his house and probably disturbing his privacy so much.
I watched him sit and take the remote control.
I stood up and walked over to him.
I stood behind the couch he sat on, “Are you still eating the food?” I asked him.
“Why you asking!?” He asked without turning.
For God sake!
“I...I want to clean up the table.” I said.
....He stayed silent.
“Do it then. Im not hungry.” He said.
“The kitchen?” I asked.
“The door you see at the dinning..” He said.
I walked slowly to the dinning and got the plates into a tray and carried them to the kitchen through the door he mentioned.
The kitchen was large, filled with all kinds of kitchen utensils and a breakfast bar but hedoesn't cook.
Do he even come to the kitchen?
The kitchen looks like it's not been cleaned for weeks.
I got the plates out and poured his own plate of rice into a white nylon but not without taking the meat out.
The rice is wasted but the meat can't waste too..
I took out my own rice, and got his meat into it, together with mine.
My appetite is back.
I then dropped the nylon into the trashbin. And thought of going to the breakfast bar to enjoy the meal.
“No” i shook my head.
I'll just stand here, at the counter and eat it.
And i did.
But then, memories of Jonny and the pains i felt seeing him cheating on me rushed into my head.
With anger, i threw the plates of rice and the meats into the trashbin.
How could Jonny do this to me..
After everything we shared together.
The love.. The sex!
Just thinking about the s*x makes me burn with anger.
How could i have foolishly gave my virginity to someone like Jonny.
God, I thought he loved me.
I thought we were gonna make a future together.
He said im going to be the mother of his kids.
That he's going to take me to the aisle.
That he would never ever leave me.
That he's love is so true and nothing would ever stop him from loving me..
He swore several times never to cheat on me.
How could i have been so foolish to believe his words.
That night... That night he took my virginity. He said its never going to make him leave me. But that it would make his love for me become more stronger and grow with passion.
I believed him. I was such a fool.
..Just then, i heard the doorbell ring..
I don't want any of Kelly' family or friends to see me.
Im a stranger. Im just a poor stranger.
Rich parents hate to see poor people around their son's house.
I sniffled, and i wipe my tears, then i ran out, straight into the room Kelly offered to me.

************************************* ***

*Kelly's point of view*
I needed to watch a movie or anything to be able to get Sugar off my mind.
Im glad she had gone before i came back at night.
I hate her now. I guess i do but i still find it hard to get her out of my mind.
What do i do!
I feel weak and dejected.
And this fucking girl that i don't even know her name don't make it any better.
She's leaving anyway.
I tried so much saving her damn ass, taking her to my house and gave her a room to sleep for the night.
Don't i deserve some appreciation from her.
I thought she was gonna knock on my door last night but she proved stubborn!
What's so special about her damn body anyway.
I hate her kind. Ungrateful..
Then she got out this morning, with those nipples pointing arrogantly through the fabric.
She is just too tempting.. When she came to the dinning, i couldn't risk looking at her. My eyes are only going to land right there on those nipples through the fabric. And i don't want that to happen. I. can't really hold myself.
So she's leaving. Why do i even think she want to stay?
Just then the doorbell rang,.
I hope it isn't Sugar cos im going to deal with her. She can't cheat on me and still dare to come here
I walked to the door and opened.
My mom,
“Mom.” I said but then i saw Sugar. She was looking right at me with her arms folded together.
She seem not to mind her actions.
She seemed not to mind that she cheated on me right inside my house, in this sitting-room
My blood rushed.
I felt pains in my heart.
I wanted to rush right there where she stood and release my anger on her but i held myself.
She's just a whore.
A bitch.
With a frown, i stood at the door. My left hand on the doorknob.
“Mom you're coming in but She can't!” I said.
“Young man, You don't give me terms.” Mom  said.
“Mom i'm not joking here.” I said.
“Could you excuse us?” Mom said.
“I would excuse you mom but She isn't coming into this house..” I insisted.
Such a Bitch! Whore!
“Kelly, Get out of the way. We need to talk!” mom said.
“Mom im sorry but i can't. We'll talk on the phone.” I said and shut the door.
“Kelly!” I can hear her call.
“Kelly! open this door this minute. Im your mother! You don't shut the door on your me!”
She yelled.
“Mom i just told you, Sugar won't come in with you!”
“Fine! im leaving!” It was Sugar's voice.
“Sugar dear, please come back. He'll get back to his senses.” She said to her.
I couldn't believe mom just begged Sugar to  come back.
Don't she have any idea that Sugar cheated on me?
I rushed to the door and flung it open.
“Mom what's the meaning of what you just said?” I asked her. But she pushed me out of the way and walked in. Sugar turned to walk in but I shut the door.
“Mom Sugar cheated on me, Just yesterday!?
And you begging her? ” I yelled.
“And so what? Do you know how many of the girls you've messed up? How dare you say she cheated on you?” She yelled back.
“Mom.. You are supporting her right. You supporting someone who split my heart into tiny pieces.” I said with pains.
“Kelly, for your information, you are getting married to Sugar very soon. And nothing will stop that!” She said.
“I would never do that mom. Sugar is nothing but a whore!” I yelled and she slapped me!
I screamed with pain.
“Don't you ever refer to Sugar as a whore.” She said with a narrow eyes.
“Mom you slapped me because of Sugar?” I asked with my hand on my cheek.
“And i would slap you again if you dare say nonsence.” She warned.
“You do not know how lucky you are for Sugar to accept to be your wife! You don't know what it means to be an inlaw to the Cokers! you foolish
boy!” She shouted.
I gasped.
“Mom because of money! Because of material things, you forcing me to marry that...” I paused.
I don't want to recieve such a slap again.
“Just dare me..Dare me and i'll design your face with another slap. Idiot!”
“Mom..” I said with tears.
“Kelly, before tomorrow comes, I want to hear that you have apologised to Sugar or else i'll teach you something very bitter.” She warned, then instantly I saw her eyes go up the stairs. At something..
“Who's there!!” She thundered, and immediately began walking to towards the staircase.
I gasped with fright.
Oh God, damn it! that silly girl.
She must have seen her.
How could she allow this woman to see her!

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