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Saturday, 15 December 2018

My Personal Taste (18+) Episode 14

*Rose's point of view*
Darkness has fallen when we finally arrived in Lagos.
Hold-up had been quite much on the road and rain itself didn't make our journey any better. It fell heavily at Benin and two other places.
But thank goodness we finally got to lagos state. I was in lagos now..
So this is the city where Jonny took three hundred thousand naira to travel to,ten months ago.
He then thought i can't come to find him right?
His indeed a big joker.
I got down from the bus, with the only bag I came with, a small back bag. I hung it over my back.
Others were going down the roadside to get a taxi or a bus and head to where ever they are going, but i stood just beside the bus, thinking.
Now, how do i start?
How do i get a taxi or a bus to the so called bariga?
I brought out my phone from my sweater pocket which i wore. I was on a grey-coloured sweater, a blue jean trouser and blue sandals..
I scrolled through my phone to my phone-note to reread the address which that cheap whore gave to me.
It read, “22 Aduke street, Bariga.”
I shook my head.
Really, i need help.
I would need to ask someone. Any one among this people.
Im stranded.
I need help.
I looked, but so many had gone, remaining just four people still standing on the roadside waiting for a miracle bus.
And among them is the smelly old man.
The three others stood far from him, obviously because of the way he stinks and smells.
Seriously, It was hell for me in there, in the bus.
Only God knows how i survived.
I looked behind me and the bus had left.
When did this bus right behind me move out of here? rhetorical question.
“You look suprised.” A masculine voice said.
I turned and it was the guy at the bus, who kept staring at me with pity.
The streets light were on so he could have seen my expression.
He walked over.
“Hey” He said, standing beside me.
He is handsome.
“Hi” I said, and threw my phone back into my sweater pockets with my hands deep inside it.
I don't have to trust anyone.
“You seem to be confused on something?” He asked and folded his arms.
He too had only a backbag, but way bigger than mine.
“Are you?” He asked.
Should i tell him? Idiot! Ofcos you should.
“Yeah, It's my first time in lagos.” I said.
“Oh..” He said, and looked at me like i don't mean it.
I don't care anyway.
“I need help please.” I said.
“The address is 22 Aduke street, Bariga. Please how do i find a bus that would take me there?” I asked him, my face down.
I don't need to see his expressiom.
He'do already think im a typical village dumb
“Wow. Then you are lucky. that is exactly where im going too.” He said.
Oh my goodness!
“Really?” I asked. I was super excited.
“You mean 22 Aduke street?” I asked.
He should know Jonny then.
“No, not not at all. My street where is a bit far from Aduke street. You'll get to Aduke before mine.” He explained.
Oh bad.
I felt sad.
Well, it's still a lucky thing tnat i met someone heading to that side.
“Alright” I said.
“Come on. We can't get a bus here that we are.
We should be at the roadside.” He said, moving ahead and i followed.


“I'm sorry about all you went through there in the bus.” He said.
I understood, so i nodded.
“It's okay.” I said.
The man had left.
I felt pity for the person sitting beside him in the bus or taxi now.
“Oh, bus is here.” The guy said as we saw one.
It stopped, and we quickly rushed in.


“Can i know your name?” He asked.
“R..Rose” I said.
“Wow.. I'm Bankole.” He said.
“Ban_kole” I pronouced playfully.
He smiled, “Yeah. Can i get your contact
please?” He asked.
I rolled my eyes.
Well, it's not bad if i do.
Who knows he might be of another help later.
“Okay” I said.
He handed me his small phone.
I typed my mobile number and gave him back the
“Thank you.” He said.

*Kelly's point of view*
“Oga, please Im closing.” The bar lady said to me.
I looked up at her with dim and drunken eyes.
“Since afternoon, you've been here. Drinking.” She said.
“How the fuck is that your fucking business?” I yelled.
“Oya na, Give me my money, and come dey go. I don dey close. Your money na five thousand.” She said.
I got my hand into my jean pocket and brought out money and dropped them on the table.
They are up to fifteen thousand. She grapped them.
“Oga thank you. Oshe gan.” She said and folded them into her bag.
“What's the time?” I asked.
“Ehm..” She checked her phone,“Fifteen minutes
pass eleven o'clock.”
“Uh?” I looked at her like are you serious?
She nodded her head.
Shit! i've been here for hours.
In this God for saking place for hours because of Sugar.
Because of the whore who i fell inlove with.
Because i wanted to think..
To think of how foolish i was to fall inlove with her.
Without knowing Sugar never loved me.
We had s*x.
Unprotected s*x!
And so many times at that.
God! how foolish i had been.
I rubbed my eyes and got up.
My feet wobbling.
I staggered out of the bar and into my car.
I pushed my sit backward and rested my head.
I have to find my way back to my house.
How did i even get here?
“Damn” I yelled as i hit the steering wheel with annoyance.
Sugar is a damn bitch.
A fucking damn bitch.
I would never listen to mom anymore.
I would never try to love.
To love any bitch.
I sat up and blinked. Tears in my eyes.
I rubbed them off with the back of my palm.
I turned on the engine, and zoomed off into the lonely streets.
I turn on my radio as it played me Love. Is
Wicked by Brick and Lace.
Love is wicked indeed.

*** **

*Back to Rose's point of view*
When we got to Aduke's street. He stopped the driver.
He turned to me, “This is Aduke street. Hope someone is around to pick you up?” He asked.
“Yeah” I lied. I can't tell him no. I can't bring him into my problems.
“Be careful.” He said
“I will. Thank you so much.” I said and got down.
“Don't mention dear.” He said.
Bankole paid my tfare..
“Bye.” I waved at Bankole.
He waved back as the yellow-painted bus zoomed off.
I inhaled. I was alone,
I got a bit scared but thank goodness there was light.
So the street was not so dark.
I began to walk up to get to house 22.. They was light so i would be able to see it.
Queen described me how the house is.
Red paint, Old zinc, And has twelve doors in total.
As i walked on, i deeply prayed for the bad guys not to see me.
They musn't see me God, please i beg you.
When i saw the house. I inhaled a relieved breathe.
This should be the house.
I crossed the gutter, over to the house.
It was indeed a face-me-i-face-you house.
Queen said Jonny's room is the tenth door.
I counted and walked over to the tenth door.
So this is where Jonny stays.
And he's been lying to me all this while that he
lives in Lekki.
Then, I heard music in the room.
Why on earth would someone be playing music at this time of the night?
How are my even sure Jonny lives here. And stays in this room?
I inhaled.
Im going to find out anyway.
I knocked on the door.
And waited for few seconds, but no answer.
He must be sleeping or probably the music is loud.
I knocked again, harder and afraid that his neighbours would hear.
But still no answer.
This is serious.
I walked over to the window and tried looking inside.
The curtain was light and didn't fully cover the window.
“What!?” I gasped as i saw the must heartbreaking scene.
Jonny had two girls, naked and he was having s*x with the both of them!
Oh my God!
No no no no! This can't be.
“No. This can't be true.” I said, rubbing my palms  on my eyes. To be sure i wasn't dreaming.
Yes i wasn't.
It was true.
It was so true!
Jonny was having s*x with two girls. not even one but two!
My heart splitted.
I was burning with hate and regret.
How dare Jonny!
After all i've done for him..
This has to be a joke.
Jonny tell me you are joking!
You can't hurt me like this naw.
You can't do this to me!
I walked over and hit the door so hard and it flung open.
I was stunned!
I stood at the door, tears pouring down my cheeks like a river flowing.
My fist clinged tightly and my lips shaking.
I was enraged but i had no idea of what to do.
I was disappinted and heart broken.
So heart shattered.
He stared at me with fright and suprise.
He was shocked to see me.
The two girls stared at me too. They were confused.
“Ro...Ro..Rose.” He stammered and swallowed.
I wanted to burst into loud cry but i held my lips.
I held it down my throat.
“Rose.. What.. what are you doing here?” He
asked, his voice unsteady.
I don't know what to say.
I was too shocked to speak.
“Damn you!!” I yelled and ran out, into the streets, as i finally burst into a loud cry.
I kept running.
I don't know why but i guess i just wanted to run far away from him.
My emotions and rage took over me.
I have been used.
I don't know where i am but i felt so weak to  continue so i stopped and slumped to the floor.
My crying was loud.
I knew i could be in danger.
But i couldn't care right then.
I've been messed up already.
I just want to die and go to my mother.
My father.
My brother.
Jonny who stitched the torn pieces left of me when my they died, had smatched it right in the sand.
I cried hard.
Just then, The light was taken.
Everywhere became totally dark.
I couldn't even see myself.
My heart skipped.
How the hell did i get myself into this.
I was frightened.
“Stay still! No dare move!” A deep deadly voice said behind me.
I jumped.
“Jesus! please don't kill me. Don't hurt me i beg of you.” I begged, with my eyes shut.
“Shut up!” I heard another voice say to me.
Oh God! they are two! im dead.
Rose you don die!
My body was shaking with fright.
I nodded my head in affirmation as i pinned my lips with my fingers, Sweating furiously.
Hands searched me and took my bag immediately.
I shut my eyes.
Hands searched my body, getting their hands all
over my body, including my b**bs and butt.
They took my phone.
I began sobbing hard.
This must be a nightmare.
God! i need to wake up!
I really need to. Or im dead. Im doomed for good!
“Now baby. We should at least have a taste of this your..” The first guy said, taking his hand up my thighs.
“Your sweet and chewing gum..” The second guy said sarcastically. and they laughed.
Oh no!
“Please i beg you. Don't do this to me. Take the  bag, the phone but please don't do this to me.
Don't touch me i beg of you please..” I begged, shivering and sweating.
No this can't happen to me.
Ofcos not!
God please come to my rescue
Jesus i need you now!
“Comon shut up my friend. Jaja hold her.” The first one said. And i felt strong hands grab me and i had no strength to fight. But i tried struggling, as i kept crying and begging.

***************** **

*Back Kelly's point of view*
As i drove past the lonely streets of Bariga. My mind continued with thoughts of Sugar.
Thoughts of the pretence.
The love she claimed to have for me.
Can someone truely love and still cheat?
And no where else but right in my house.
God! i feel so betrayed.
I just hope i don't get to see her damn self in my house because it's gonna be hell for her.
I don't give a damn if her mom is a barrister or her dad is powerful.
Im sure gonna deal with her if i see her still in my house.
I drummed my finger on the steering.
“Oh bitch! fucking bitch” I hit the steering with
total rage.
Then my car light showed something.
What is this?
Two guys are trying to... to.. to rape a girl!??
Holy shit!
They saw my car coming and they instantly
disappeared out of sight.
I stopped my car as i got there and quickly got down.
I walked over to the girl and she sat on the floor in tears, crying, with her legs together, wrapped in her arms and her head down on her knee.
“Hi,” I said, But she refused looking up.
I just saved her ass and she can't even raise her head up to look at me?
“Helloo..” I said, touching her but she she still didn't look up.
I've heard enough.
“Okay then. I just saved your ass and you don't wanna look up. Fine im going.”
Then just immediately, the girl collapsed to the ground. Flat.
I wanted to run to my car and drive off without looking back.
But i couldn't. Something held me.
My conscience.
I know she needs help.
She must have been stranded or lost her way.
I can't leave her.
No, i'll just save her.
I'l just do it.
So I bent down and carried her.
“Kelly at your rescue.” I grinned.
.Wow, OMG!
Kelly had finally saved Rose!
There are lot more to unfold.
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