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Saturday, 15 December 2018

MY PERSONAL TASTE (18+) Episode 13

# Friday
*Rose's point of view*
“Goodmorning papa Efe” I greeted at their door that morning. It was five minutes after seven o'clock and i was all ready to begin my journey to lagos, to find Jonny.
Papa Efe looked at me, suprised. I heardly come to their apartment for what so ever!
“Ah, Rosa.. This kind early morning greeting for my door. Hope say everything dey fine?”
I gave him a quick fierce glance
Stupid man!
You think if you weren't my neughbour, I'll disturb myself.
“Nothing o..” I said. “I want to let you know as my neighbour that im travelling this morning. To lagos.” I told him.
He grinned, displaying coloured teeth.
God! I beg you, this man musn't bring me badluck today with this his stupidity.
“Ah, To see your boyfriend abi?” He asked.
“What ever im travelling to lagos to do or who ever im going to see is not in any way your business Papa Efe. So bye.”
I said and walked out.
“Ah Ah, Rosa you too dey vex.” I heard him say.
Foolish man!
*Kelly's point of view*
“Hey beauty” I said as i got out of bed and walked over to Sugar at the dressing table, where she was sitting with her eyes fixed on the mirror and her hands walking on her face.
I gently planted kisses at her back and up to her neck.
She moaned.
“Goodmorning baby..” She said softly, letting me kiss her more on her neck.
“You look so beautiful..” I said as i stared at her from the mirror and then i wrapped my arms around her from the back.
I really love this girl.
“Thanks baby..” She smiled and kissed my hand.
I felt tingles and then i bend and began giving her soft bites on her ear.
“We could have a round this morning too, not bad you know baby.” I whispered into her ears.
She pushed me away gently.
“Crazy boy!” She said, smiling.
“In crazy for you Sugar.. I love you so much.” I said, wrapping my arms around her again. “You're so sweet” I added, and proceeded to kiss her neck again. From the mirror, I saw her shut her eyes.
She love it.
I could feel myself getting hard.
S*x with Sugar had been the best sex ever.
S*x with someone I love.
Someone I care about.
That makes me happy.. really happy when she's around.
I brought my hands up to her b**bs and tried to slide them in through her nightie.
Then she held them still.
She turned her head to look at me,“You should go freshen up, take your bath and dress up for work.” She said and winked.
I made a frowny face.
“Yeah, go on. Get into the bathroom baby..” She said, and gently pushed me away.
“Come with me please?” I said, and formed a pleading face, with my eyebrows raised.
She shook her head. “No play this morning till you're back from work.” She said.
I laughed and walked to the bathroom.
“Baby are you serious that you can stay all alone in this house till im back?” I asked her.
“Why not.” She said.
“I feel you gonna be freaking bored without me.” I said.
She laughed, “Im gonna miss you baby.” She said, coming over.
She's coming right in..
“But, im fine. Watch some games on my phone.” She said but she was on the bed now..
She wasn't coming in to meet me.
I frowned.
“Alright baby..” I said unenthusiastically.
“What time are my expecting to see you home?” She asked.
“Five o'clock is kinda long but i'll make it up to you baby.” I said.
“You're taking me out tonight baby?” She asked.
“Yeah. We gonna have real fun.” I said, turning the shower and the cold water running over my skin.
“Wow,i can't wait.” She screamed excitedly.
She loves fun.
“Where you taking me baby?” She asked.
“Gonna be a suprise.” I said.
“Oh my”
“Take care baby. I'll be back as soon as possible to be with my sugar..” I said, kissing her. She kissed back. But mine was taking much so she released her lips from mine.
She smiled, and hit my chest playfully,“ Naughty boy. Get going boo.” She said.
“Baby, I still have forty minutes left to be at the office. And the drive is just twenty minutes. Try to imagine what we can do in twenty minutes Sugar..” I said, reaching for her butt.
“Oh no baby..” She said, adjusting my necktie.
You gonna get it as much as you want when you get back. Trust me.” She said, giving me that mind blowing wink.
“Sugar..” I said, forming a sad face.
“Shh..” She said and gave me a peck on the cheek before pushing me out.
“Good bye baby. I love you. muahh.” She said before shutting the door to my face.
God! my briefcase.
Then the door opened.
“Briefcase honeyyyy...” She smiled, straightening it to me.
I took it.
“Kisses*” She blew and shut the door.
Crazy girl!
I shrugged.
“I Love Youu!!” I said aloud.
*Rose's point of view*
It was exactly 11:20am when the stupid driver got into the steering to begin our journey from delta state to lagos.
Imagine that!
Passengers screamed at him for keeping us waiting since over three hours!
“Driver! which kind rubbish be this?. For over three hours!” A man fired up.
“When do you want us to get to lagos!?” Another young man asked with annoyance.
“Where you go sef ehn!” A lady from the front asked.
“Ask him! what rubbish!” An old man in suits and eye glasses beside her asked.
“Ah, Na new company. Na so dem dey do.” An old woman with big headtie said.
For me, i had no strength to talk, no fresh air to breathe free.
I was in hell right where i sat.
I don't know how unfortunate i was to get a sit beside a smelly old man.
He smelled of alcohol
He was sleeping and snooring with his mouth wide opened.
Gosh! His breath stink!
I looked over and a guy looked at me with pity written over his face.
I sure knew my face wasn't good looking at all.
I was in hell of a suffering..
Then the man's hand dropped and boom! on my thigh.
I flinged his hand off immediately, disgusted and embarrased.
He smell like he didn't take his bath a week. His hands and fingers and are all dusty and dirty.
I sighed.
God! what is this!
The guy looked at me again..
I shut my eyes.
If this is how this journey is going to continue., then its sure going to be too bad for me.
*Kelly's point of view*
This wasn't the time i told Sugar i was gonna come home..
But hell! I was bored at the office.
I was missing her really bad!
I called her, but that wasn't enough. I still miss her.
I chat her up, but i still miss her presence.
I was through with signing and checking business files which my secretary brought to my office.
I had finish having my brief meeting with Mr Soje and Mr Greg of the Pime oil company.
I was bored and i was missing Sugar.
So i had to come home.
To see her, stay with her.
I wanted to tell her i was coming home but i decided on making it a suprise.
Maybe she wouod love some little suprises right.?
Once i was home., I packed my car just outside my gate.
And walked in.
Stopping at my door, i was about to press the doorbell button, when some sounds caught my attention.
Sounds like moans.
God!.oh no, i really hope this isn't what im thinking.
I walked slowly to one of the windows and tried peeping through but the curtains are too thick and covered.
I can't.
But now, from the window, i can hear the sound quite well.
The louder voice was Sugar's, begging to be f**ked till she can't breathe anymore.
This can't be true.
I felt my body freeze.
I felt my heart get cold.
I felt like i've been kicked in the head.
My stomache turned.
Sugar was screaming and begging to be f**ked like a whore!
I felt myself shattering bit by bit.
My heart spilling.
My blood rushing.
I couldn't believe it.
Many thought ran through my mind.
Could this be the reason why she came on yesterday instead of the proposed weekend
Could this be the reason why she said she could stay alone in this house.without me around?
Could this be the reason why she never wanted us to have s*x in the morning?
When i thought i have fallen inlove and made my mom proud and happy., I fell for the wrong person.
Could this be nemesis?
Punishing me for my past actions?
God! i've messed up!
My heart bleeds.
I looked at my palms and there were sweats on it..
I felt tears in my eyes.
How can i cry?
Because of this?
I've never cared if a girl sleeps around.
But hell! I can't deny it.
Sugar had a place in my heart.
She meant the world to me.
I fell inlove with her!
Im such a fool!
I shouldn't have listened to mom!
Sugar was screaming and i just wanted to break in and smack hell outta her and the bitch!
The bastard!
Fuck! What do i do?
I felt so weak.
So used.
I don't know what to do.
I went to the doorbell and pressed.
Their voice stopped immediately.
I turned and walked away without looking back.
I know she must be looking at me now..
They must be at the window or at the door, staring at me as i walk away with tears in my eyes.
I didn't look back.
I only text her.
''After You Are Done Fucking With Your Bitch. Get Your Ass Outta My House. Cos I Won't Wanna See Your Disgusting Face When I Get Back.'' I sent.
I got into my car and zoomed off to only-God-knows-where!
I just wanna find a place to cool myself.
I've been a fool to fall inlove.

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