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Saturday, 22 December 2018


Isabella was about to leave the house when her mum called her back and said to her….

susan: i heard that you don’t respect your brother

Isabella:(she started looking at her feets)

susan: have you turned dumb suddenly?

Isabella : mum that isn’t true

Susan : maybe we should ask Charles when he gets home today…

Isabella : yeah let’s ask him…. you know he would never cover up for me so ask him.

(deep down she was feeling nervous and was thinking of what to do when she gets to school)

Susan : alright then get going

Isabella : bye mum

she ran out

Isabella arrived in school but because she was looking for Charles she didn’t hear her friends that was shouting her name and then one of her friends said to the others…

Miriam: i think she has another problem with her brother .

clara: i wonder why they hate each other (they all laughed and left)

meanwhile Bella was running around looking for her brother when she finally saw him with his friends in the school cafeteria where they were discussing about the school football competition that would take place the next month.

she hurriedly walked up to him without greeting any of his friends.

Charles asked her…

Charles : what happened this time around?

Isabella : what did you tell mum?

Charles : bella am not in the mood to argue with you this morning

Isabella : Mum said that am disrespecting you

Charles : wow am so glad that the truth is finally out

Isabella : can you do me a favour please

Charles : hmm you and your favors (he thought for a while and said ) no i can’t

Isabella : if you do it for me, i will grant you eight wishes please

Charles : ( he gave one of his cute smiles that made him look more handsome and cute…….bella told her friends that his smile is the only thing he loves about him and whenever he gave her that smile she knew he would agree
so back to the story )

Isabella : so will you do it?

Charles : yeah sure. . what should I do?

Isabella : mum will ask you if am disrespecting you but please just tell her no cause I don’t wanna be locked up in that house again.

Charles :okay then.. you will start granting my wishes tomorrow ( he winked at her )

Isabella : am not your gf so stop doing that

Charles : i will never make a girl like you my gf

Isabella : whatever ( she left them)

immediately she left max said to Charles

Max : men… your sis is one hell of a hot girl

Charles : i will be happy if you will say that to her and not to me.

they all laughed and then started heading to their class when they heard the bell…. .

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