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Monday, 24 December 2018

Mercy Aigbe Speaks On How She Makes Her Money

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, while reacting to claims that her recent asset are purchased by politicians, stated that being in movies alone can’t pay her bills, but makes her money from diverse sources.
The actress this year purchased a new house and a Prado jeep, she also appeared in numerous movie and recorded good sales in her boutiques.
She stated this during an interview with Sunday Scoop;
“What drives me is the urge to succeed. I always want to be successful with whatever I do. I also have passion for acting and fashion, which are the things I do. People who follow me on social media can attest to the fact that I’m a very trendy person. Apart from acting, I have other streams of income. I am not a lazy person and I believe that I have not even achieved half of my dreams.”
The actress also stated that one of her children is already showing interest in acting. “My son is showing interest in acting and I usually say that whatever my children want to do, I’m going to give them 100 per cent support,” she said.
Speaking on the trend of Yoruba movies making it to the cinemas, Mercy said,
“Yoruba movies going to the cinemas is a welcome development and we are happy about it. Cinema culture is not new in Nigeria; I would rather say it has been revived. I recall that when we were younger, we used to go and watch movies. I am happy that people are embracing cinema culture now because it is another avenue for filmmakers like me to make money from our works.”
However, Aigbe refused to categorically say which fetches her more money between home videos and cinema runs.
“Both home videos and cinemas all bring in money; I wouldn’t say that one has the upper hand. I don’t agree that movies in cinemas have a short lifespan. As long as people demand your film, it will keep showing. DVDs are cheap while cinema tickets are costlier. We can also sell our movies to online TV channels,” she said.
Refusing to disclose the cost of the most expensive item in her wardrobe, she said,
“I wouldn’t tell you the price of the most expensive item in my wardrobe before some people think I have so much money and thieves come calling. However, the costliest item in my wardrobe is a Rolex wrist watch.”

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