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Friday, 21 December 2018

Love Diary Episode 9

Suddenly rain started falling and we both parted our lips. We were breathing so fast. She smiled at me. We looked at the sky and we started laughing, this happy laugh. I led her out of the building.
As we were approaching where I parked my Bentley, she called Nelson and the two brothers came five minutes later. They parked their own Sienna nearby.
It was hard for us to say goodbye.
“Till next time,” I said.
“Till next time,” she said.
I watched as she entered the car and they faded away. I entered my Bentley and drove quietly to my house.
I reached my flat, changed my nightgown. I looked at the time; it was 10:49pm. Time flies indeed.
I looked around my room. I felt so lonely. This is a moment in a bachelor’s life that he detests.
I lay down on the bed but I couldn’t sleep. My mind was playing movie after movie of Samantha.
I picked up my phone and dialed her number. She must have slept by now.
“Hello,” A soft voice came over the other side of the line. I was wrong.
“Hi,” was what I said.
“Hi,” she said.
We were just there, loving the moment. I could her breathing. I felt so peaceful.
“I just called to say goodnight,” I said.
“Sleep all the way. Sweet dreams.” She said. Her voice was quiet.
I heard a sound. I felt she wanted to say something. I waited. Maybe not.
No one wanted to end the call.
I guess I have to pull the plug. “Sweetdreams.”
I ended the call and slept. No interruption. It was a long wonderful sleep. I woke up by 7 in the morning. I had a dream but couldn’t remember what it was about.
I went to the kitchen, brushed up and put the kettle on top of the gas cooker. I took bread and egg with a little stew. I took my bath and started putting on my clothes for work.
Suddenly the ringtone from my Blackberry shattered the quietness of the morning.
I picked it up.
“It’s me,” said the soft voice at the other end of the line. Samantha. It was the first time she is calling me on phone.
“Good morning dear. How was your night?”
“Beautiful,” I noticed some hesitation in her voice.
Suddenly her voice began to quiver. Is she crying? Why?
“What happened dear?”
“They just called me this morning?” she said.
I felt something is very wrong. “Who called you? What is the problem dear? Tell me.”
“It’s my father. He is in the hospital. My Elder brother Paul told me this morning.”
“I have to go back Chris.”
“When will you be leaving?”
“This morning.”
Sh*t. I felt so helpless.
“Okay. Okay. I will meet you at the airport.”
“Please do,” her voice was intense.
Is this a final goodbye? This intercontinental love, is it coming to an end?
To Be Continued…


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