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Friday, 21 December 2018

Love Diary Episode 7

I turned around and was surprised to see my two friends. Each had a plus one by their side.
I shook hands with them, and turned to Samantha, “My dear, meet my friends, Tim and Moses.”
A smile lit up her face. Tim shook hands with her but Moses went and gave her a hug. Moses introduced me to his girl Jennifer and Tim introduced me to his girl, Sheila.
The whole evening was getting interesting. I gave both of them the surprised look.
“Home was boring, nothing to do. I had this wonderful idea, so I called Tim and fixed it up,” said Moses.
“It’s nice meeting all of you once again.”
I greeted the ladies and they dispersed into different sections of the dancefloor.
“You have nice friends,” Samantha whispered in my ears.
I smiled and said, “They can be annoying sometimes.”
“I am not much of a social person. I tend to stay much on my own,” said Samantha.
“Why?” I asked her.
“I guess it’s from the way I was brought up. We were discouraged to make friends and I was very shy at school”
“How many are you in the family?”
“Three, me and my two brothers. Both of them are married now.”
“Nice combination,” I said.
She gave me a disbelieving look and then smiled.
“Baby I love your Buttocks, dance with me,” said an unfamiliar voice. I looked and saw one huge guy, dragging her away from me.
“No! Please, can’t you see I’m with someone?” Samantha was saying.
Everything was happening fast.
“My name is Abuchi. What’s your name s*xy** lady?” He was still holding her left hand, not minding that she was with me. All these guys that feel that they can get whatever they want.
“Leave me alone please.”
I was boiling in anger. I faced the guy, “Abuchi or whatever you call yourself, why don’t you respect yourself and leave her alone?”
The guy noticed the hostility in my voice and laughed. He looked beside him and two guys came to his side.
I was not surprised. Here in Lekki, the local guys can be quite annoying. They believe they can do anything they want. It was dark, a dangerous time of the day and it suits them.
“Not so fast smart guy,” said Moses.
I was surprised. They approached me and stood by my side. Timothy was with a bottle of Hero drink and Moses was with a bottle of gulder.
“Guy step aside,” Moses warned. His six feet frame was intimidating.
“And what will you do mama’s boy?” said the guy.
That was it. He has gotten on Moses’ nerve. Moses immediately struck his bottle on the ground and it broke into two, there was commotion everywhere. Guys came closer to observe what is happening. Here in Lekki, nobody stops fights at clubs like this. They just come out and watch it unfold.
“If you don’t leave this guy and step aside by the count of three, both of us will be wounded this night,”Moses said as he pointed the broken bottle to the guy’s face. His voice has a tone of finality
The friends of the Abuchi guy approached him and whispered some words into his ear. He released his grip on Samantha and held up his hands. “Take it easy guy. It’s just a harmless flirt.”
One of his friends approached us and said “Sorry guys, he had drank a little too much this night,”
“I apologize on his behalf,” the second one said to Samantha.
They dragged their friend away and were lost in the crowd.
“Thank you guys” I said as I shook hands with Tim and Moses.
“Don’t mention, what are friends for?” said Tim.
“The guy’s a B***h,” said Moses.
Then they left.
I held Samantha by the hands, “Sorry for what just happened.”
“Most Nigerian guys are arrogant,” she said with her SouthAfrican accent.
“You are not wrong dear,” I said.
All eyes were on us. I noticed she is now feeling uncomfortable.
To Be Continued…

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