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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Love Diary Episode 6

I entered inside club Vegas and my eyes were arrested by neon lights. There were people everywhere. The red and blue lights gave the looming darkness outside these soft, bright edges. Omo see crowd. It was a Saturday evening at Lekki. The city is on fire and that’s how I like it. Skelewu music was playing as I entered and went straight to the bar and collected a glass of wine. Omo, the organizers of the club even brought DJ Exclusive to throttle up the music. I waited for her. I looked at my watch, it was now 7:3opm.
Then I saw her. She was wearing a sleeveless red top and jean trousers so tight that you can clearly see the curves. She saw me and started coming towards me. She was with two guys.
“You came,” I said, my smile showing how delighted I am to see her.
I hugged her briefly.
“These are my friends, Charles and Nelson. They are brothers. I am staying with their family,” she said. She then gestured with her hands, “Guys, this is my new friend Chris. He is the guy I was telling you about,” She introduced. I felt she was talking more to Nelson.
She was telling them about me? I was curious. I intend to find out the details later.
Both brothers almost looked alike. Both of them were plump and of average height. I can smell money. Both were dark in complexion. I figured Nelson is older than his brother Charles.
“It’s nice to meet you guys.” I greeted as I shook hands with them. We all exchanged more pleasantries and they left us alone.
Then I faced Samantha. I held her waist. I was just staring at her. Her face sparkles against her colourful eyes. She was looking at me, her beautiful eyes trying to pierce my mind, to figure out what was in my mind. “You are beautiful,” I said out loud over the music. Her smile widened.
“Thanks. You are not looking bad either,” she said.
I smiled. I brought out my hand and she brought out hers. I intertwined her fingers with mine. I let her to the dance floor. No verbal communication but we were communicating. I felt this connection made me believe we understand each other.
DJ Exclusive switched to Personally by Psquare and the crowded roared in agreement. I held her waist and began to dance, getting lost in the music. There were people everywhere; bodies grinding, rocking, moving. I don’t care. I treasured the moment.
“Badass,” the voice was so familiar. I stopped dancing and turned around.
To Be Continued…

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