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Friday, 21 December 2018

Love Diary Episode 14

I tried so hard to see Eddie. Every time I went, his secretary will tell me that he was in a meeting. I was not able to see him throughout the day. At the evening, I went back to my house. With nothing to do, I called down my friends to come and watch football match with me. We clicked through the Super-sports stations but the whole matches they were showing were boring. I clicked on African Magic.
“Kai. I don’t like Mercy Johnson anymore. She is getting fatter now,” said Moses.
I cooked Jellof rice.
Tim ate a spoonful and said, “Must you like her? She is making her money while you are here complaining.”
“The movie is boring.” I said with food still in my mouth.
“Guy must you talk when you are eating?” asked Moses
I looked at him.
“I noticed that you are still suffering from the love bite.” Moses added.
I kept quiet before I said. “She called.”
“She called?” Both of them asked at once with a lot of surprise on their face.
“Yes and she wants me to come and see her,” I said.
“Guy, forget that girl. In fact, there is this girl…” said Moses.
Tim cut him off, “Dude, that girl is serious about you ooo.” Tim said and faced Moses.
“Mos, Whycan’t you respect yourself for once?”
“I thought the whole charade have come to an end,” said Moses.
“What’s your problem Mos? Is it that you hate the girl?” asked Tim.
“I don’t hate her,” said Moses.
“Then what?”
Moses remained silent.
I was just there, watching them.
“Guy, what are you going to do?” asked Tim.
“Seriously I don’t know.”
“Work won’t allow me.” I added.
“Talking about Valentine’s day, let’s go with our babes to Tinapa. I heard Don jazzy and his Mavins crew will be performing there on that day,” said Tim.
“Hmm. My girl will love that,” said Moses with smile on his face.
They both turned and looked at me. I didn’t say anything. Moses knows that he has annoyed me this evening, so he kept quiet.
After 30 minutes, they bade me farewell, and I was all alone thinking of what tomorrow will bring.
I planned to call Samantha in the morning. I have been delaying because I don’t know what to tell her. I have actually been to Johannesburg twice but never to her area. It has always been work that takes me out. I haven’t had any reason to go out to any country lately. Apart from friends I have around, there is nothing interesting to do outside. Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been any woman in my life since.
But now what?
I don’t know what to think but I know that now Samantha is in the picture, it changes everything.
I slept with the whole thought of her in my mind. At night, I dreamt that I finally went to see Eddie in his office and he gave me a sack letter. The next day, I woke up with the dread of meeting Eddie in my mind. I will go to his office to see him this morning and I am afraid that today will be a terrible day but I pushed my fears out of my mind as I drove to work.
To Be Continued…

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