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Friday, 21 December 2018

Love Diary Episode 13

I was quiet. My heart was beating fast. I could hear the sound of her breathing. I was feeling a lot of emotions.
“It’s been like a year since I have heard your voice,” I said.
“That makes the two of us.”
There was this silence again. I wasn’t ready to say how happy I am to hear from her again.
“It’s been difficult,” she said.
“What? Why?” I asked.
“Now I miss you more and it’s very painful especially now that we are two countries apart,”
Her words always get to me. They are so deep and they touch my heart in a way nothing else ever does.
I finally opened up, “My dear, it’s been like hell since you’ve gone. You never left my mind. I thought you have forgotten me.” I said quietly.
Still holding the phone close to my ear, I went and sat down on chair beside the sink.
“How can I forget you when you are all I have been thinking about,” she said. Her voice was sounded like she was about to cry.
She is so passionate and lovely.
I almost wept.
“How is your father?”
“He has recovered.”
“Thank God.”
“There is something he told me,” she added.
“What did he tell you?” I asked. I wonder why she will want to share a family affair with me.
“I will tell you, but not on phone,” she said.
“It’s something that concerns me?” I asked.
“You need to know,” she said.
“Dear, don’t hold out on me and when will I see you again?” I asked her.
“My dear, I have one request to ask of you,” she said.
I wonder what she will be asking of me.
“Go on dear.” I said.
“Can you come?” she asked. I can feel like she wants to cry. She is all emotional around me.
Come where? This is a huge request. I thought.
“Come where?” I asked.
She was quiet.
“Where, my dear?”
Suddenly she began to cry.
I could hear the sound of her sobbing. I know what she meant by her question and maybe, she knows that I know but feigned ignorant. It makes me look like I don’t care.
Chai. I have spoiled it.
“I’m sorry Samantha. Please forgive me. I missed you so much.” I said.
She was quiet. I know she can hear me. I felt our mind is connected, she is waiting for me to say it.
“You want me to come to South Africa? Pretoria?”
“Yes,” was all she said.
“I need to see you,” she added.
My mind was troubled. What should I do? I never thought of that.
“My dear, it’s not that easy. The only thing that takes me out of Nigeria is work. We mostly travel out to work for our clients.” I paused.
“How about your fiancé -the policeman? I don’t want to make things difficult for you.”
“I will tell you everything when you come.”
She was defiant. She already had this belief that I will come.
We discussed about other things. She laughed at something I said. Just hearing the sound of her laugh made me to smile for the first time in days.
We ended the call after ten minutes. She was called by someone. As for me, I was already late to the office.
The whole request of a thing worried me as I drove down to work. We normally travel around this time but I don’t know about this year. The nature of our work is always unpredictable.
When I reached my desk, I was surprised to see Lizzy standing akimbo waiting for me.
What again?
“You are late again.”
I said nothing. I gave her the what-look.
“If there is something you want to say, say it. Any news?” I asked.
“One good news and one bad news.” She said.
I was worried immediately.
“Tell me the good one first.”
“The Mtech guy thanked us on our work for his team. It was finally accepted,” she said.
“And the bad news?”
“You are wanted by Eddie. He said you should see him at his office immediately you come to work this morning,” she said. She made it sound like I’m a wanted man.
Oh my God! What have I done? Is it the series of lateness?
Eddie is the director at our IT section. And he is someone that all the employees dread meeting. When he calls you to see him in his office, it’s either you will be sacked or he will warn you to improve on your performance.
This is definitely a bad news.
To Be Continued…

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