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Friday, 21 December 2018

Love Diary Episode 11

I drove my Bentley silently back to work. I work at Greenhill Consulting Firm. The huge company building is situated an Adeola Odeku street in Victoria Island. All through my life, I have wanted to work in a consulting firm. I love solving problems and finding new ways of doing things. When I finished at University of Lagos where I studied computer science, after my service year, I went for my Masters and got my MSc. in Human Resource Management.
At Green Hill, we help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding better ways of doing things. We help both Private and public sector organizations to develop their services and where necessary, reduce costs and make savings.
I came out of my car and entered the three story building and went straight to the IT sector. We have a lot of sectors, Marketing, Finance and so on. I work in the Information Technology Sector.
“Lizzy; any news from the Mtech guy?” I asked my co-worker Elizabeth as I sat down in front of my desk.
Elizabeth is a dark girl of average height, modest appearance, and bookish face. She is always with her eyeglasses.
“Yes, his team rejected our Algorithm.”
“Why? We worked on that Algorithm for over 8 hours.”
“They said the specifications doesn’tfit. Their team leader told them to get back to us. Chris we have go through the whole process again,” She said with a sigh.
Oh. Work.Work. Is it necessary?
We have been working with the Phcncompany in Lagos metropolis, we are helping them with their bill payment problems. Customers have been complaining about recent fluctuations in their meter.
I was quiet for almost an hour. A lot of things on my mind. I worked silently with Lizzy. Normally, whenever we are working, we do make small talk. But not today. She noticed it and asked,“Is everything alright Chris?”
“Yes of course. Why wouldn’t they be?” I faced her.
“You didn’t even notice that I have done a new hair,” she said.
Lizzy is intelligent, an IT geek. I like her but that’s just it. She is always making these furtive glances, gestures; always wanting me to notice her.
I kept quiet.
“Remember that today is our night,” she said.
She always wants us to go out for dinner but I have always rejected her proposals politely.
“What?” I asked.
“You have forgotten again. You always do that.”
“Do what?”
“Why are you acting rude this morning,” she asked.
No matter how hard I try, she doesn’t get annoyed.
I focused on my laptop and started drawing up another design on Corel draw.
“I don’t get it. You don’t have any girlfriend that I know of.”she gave me a confused stare.
I have to end this now.
“No offense Lizzy but you are not my type,” I said.
I just hope I wasn’t too harsh on her.
The whole day moved so slowly. We finished working on the algorithm by 8pm and gave it to the Mtech guy.
I was so tired. I sauntered down the steps and drove straight to home.
I haven’t heard from Samantha. She must have reached Pretoria since noon.
I went out to a restaurant and ate quietly. I didn’t want to call anyone. I just needed to be alone.
I went home and climbed the steps to my flat like a drunkard. I brought out my keys, opened my door and went straight to my bed and sat down. I began to think about my life.
Since I started work three years ago, I have been so focused on my career that I didn’t want to focus on anything else. I have always rejected female attention. Then I haven’t seen any woman that can fit in into my life. Nothing else felt right to me. Even my Parents have been complaining that I haven’t been reaching out to them. My mother has been worried that she hasn’t seen a woman by my side yet. My father complained that I have shunned all talks of marriage. I am from Osun state and that’s where my parents are staying too. Both of them are retired government workers. I kept them happy by always sending money home but I felt they needed something that I can’t give them yet. We are four in the family. My elder brother and my two sisters have all married. I always give the excuse that it’s because I am the last born.
Everything changed when I met Samantha. She opened up a space in my heart that I didn’t know existed. Now my heart is arching. Now I know she is the one. But she is so far, out of my reach.
I slept with all thoughts of her in my mind.
To Be Continued…

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