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Friday, 21 December 2018

Love Diary Episode 10

Murtala Mohammed airport was crowded with a lot of people. It was a Monday morning, the busiest day in the week. That explains the huge traffic. Before coming to the airport, I had first reported at work. I told my co-worker Elizabeth to hold things at bay for me until I come back.
Approaching the airport, I looked around but didn’t see her.
“All passengers should stand in line for identification please,” A voice from a huge speaker announced.
I walked around, there were people everywhere. Suddenly my phone started pinging out blue light.
‘Look up ahead’
It was a message.
I looked up and saw her with Nelson and his brother. She was waving at me frantically. A lot of emotions washed over me. She was at the Virgin Nigeria Airline desk. I started walking fast. She rushed to my side and gave me a tight hug. I carried her up and brought her down. I greeted the two brothers and then faced her.
“I’m glad that you came,” She said, her face was filled with tearful smile.
“I had to come,” I said quietly, feeling the sadness of it all.
She looked at my face and then looked down quickly. Whenever she does like that, I know there is something she wanted to say. Samantha feels shy around me sometimes.
I held her face up with both my hands.
“You want to say something.”
She looked deeply inside my eyes and then said, “I was afraid you wouldn’t come.”
Her words struck me deeply. Tears wanted to fall.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I said and hugged her tight.
We were just there looking at each other. Time was flying so fast. Nelson informed her that she is needed at passport control.
There were a lot of words left unsaid. She has to go and we both know it.
Is this the final goodbye? I don’t really know what tomorrow will bring.
She leaned closer to my face and placed her lips on mine. It was a hard kiss; the most painful way to say goodbye.
“Don’t forget us. Don’t forget me,” she said as the brothers pulled her away from my grasp.
Her words haunted me. I was quite surprised that she believed that there is an US. I was confused. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say when I feel like my heart is ripped out of me?
I watched as she passed through Passport and Customs control.
Then she entered the booing 747 Virgin Nigeria aircraft. I stood there as the plane made it through the runway and suddenly, it was a dot in the sky.
To Be Continued…

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