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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

I Fell In Love Episode 4

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Feranmi got home that night, and realization dawn on him that he has feelings for Wemmy. He couldn’t sleep at night he was just there on his bed full of thoughts.
“Feranmi get her off your head she belongs to someone else, she’s dating your flatmate for crying out loud” He said to himself”
Emmanuel and Feranmi are not that close but he’s still a friend and he’s a nice guy.
“I think I’ll have to stop seeing her, I’ll tell Sophia to come over whenever she needs me, I have to stop going to that lodge and I’ll make sure I stay away from her when she comes visiting her boyfriend” he concluded
For three good weeks Wemmy did not set her eyes on Feranmi, she realized she’s having this not funny feelings for him.
She misses him so much that she was tempted to get his phone number from Sophia, she even taught of getting it from Emmanuel but that idea is even worse, so she dropped it. She did not see him on weekends too when she went to her boyfriend’s place, he no longer stays at home on weekends.
Alone in her room, she was still thinking about Feranmi.
“Wait o, Wemimo, it’s like Feranmi is avoiding you o, or did he feels the same way” She said to herself pacing up and down in her room.
“If he does then I’m in trouble”
It was a sunny Saturday morning, Wemmy had already made up her mind to stay indoor but she later decided to pay her friend Thessy a visit.
Thessy noticed she was quiet, she just sat on the bed starring at nothing in particular.
“Sweetheart what’s eating you up? Project, your supervisor, home or your boo, Emmanuel?” she asked
She jolted out of reverie when Thessy mentioned Emmanuel.
“Nothing, I’m fine, I just need rest” She lied.
She wanted to tell her everything in fact that’s the reason why she’s there but she couldn’t bring herself to share it with her. Thessy will practically skin her alive, if she tells her she has feelings for another guy.
She left Thessy’s hostel later in the afternoon, got home, showered and did some research on her project topic on the internet and slept off.
The knock on her door woke her up. She opened the door, the sight that greeted her was shocking. Feranmi was standing right there in front of her face. She can’t place what she’s feeling, she’s angry and happy at the same time.
“Will you please let me in” he asked politely.
“Come in” she said and went straight to sit on her bed while Feranmi sat on a chair opposite her.
The room was silent for like 5 mins.
“Are you done avoiding me” she broke the silence
“What gave you the impression that I was avoiding you” he answered her question with a question.
“Answer my question” she said quietly.
“Wemmy, I didn’t mean to avoid you, I just needed to clear my head and set some things straight. I don’t want to destroy our friendship”
“So ….. have you succeeded in clearing your head?”
“No and that is why I’m here he said picking his words carefully.
Wemmy I need to keep my distance for now, I wish you could understand”
‘Make me understand Feranmi”
“It will do us good if I stay away”
“Why” she asked firmly
“I think I ……..
“You think” she interrupted him
“Sorry I mean, I ……..
“The feeling is mutual” she interrupted him again.
“You don’t need to avoid me, we both know it can’t happen, I’m in a relationship and I can’t cheat.”
He was shocked at her revelation, he never knew the feeling was mutual.
Wemmy looked at his face and saw his eyes, she was actually fighting the tears before, but immediately she saw him fighting his, she bursted into uncontrollable tears. This is the very first time she’s feeling something deep for a guy.
This feeling is far different from what she felt for Emmanuel. He was broken seeing her cry, he moved closer to her and hugged her.
“I’m sorry, I never mean to cause you pain, I’m sorry for making you cry”
They looked into each other’s eyes and before they knew it, they were already kissing which took like forever before it ended.
“What did we do now?” she asked after the kiss.
“Nothing, let’s just pretend this kiss never happened.
To be continued………………

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