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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

I Fell In Love Episode 1

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Wemimo Olatunji was standing under a tree taking refuge under its shade. She was waiting impatiently in front of her friend’s department checking her wrist watch every minute. She wanted to buy some materials for her project and Tessy promised to take her to the place where she could get the materials in large quantities.
“Tessy! Is this your 2pm? She confronted her immediately she sighted her”
“I’m so sorry Wemmy, the lecture ought to end by 2pm but the Lecturer stayed for another 40min”
“OK o, apology accepted, shall we?”
“Yes please”
Wemmy and Tessy are close friends since there 100 level days, they are not in the same department but they were room mates in 100l, although they live seperately now but still their friendship grew stronger over the years. They are in their final year and they are more like sisters now. They headed to Wemmy’s lodge immediately they left the store where they bought the materials. She was about to unlock the door to her room when she noticed that someone was inside.
“I think your boyfriend is around” Tessy teased with a wink. Emmanuel opened the door from inside and they all exchanged greetings.
“How did it go? Did you get all the materials”
“Yes we did, thanks to Thessy she knows virtually everywhere in this town.”
“Thank you Thessy you are a darling” he said.
“Come off it Emmanuel what are friends for”
Wemmy and Emmanuel have been dating for the past two years and he loves her so much. He could do anything for her, if she’s too tired to cook, he will come over to cook for her and help her with her domestic chores. There was a time she was admitted at the school clinic, Emmanuel stayed with her all through, he missed lectures and test. He was so sweet and Wemmy appreciated all these, so she respected and cherished him in return.
“Let me be on my way now” Thessy said after staying for some minutes and the couples saw her off.
Wemmy was on her way out when Thessy called her phone.
“Hello dear, Thessy said from the other side”
“Hello Thessy, how’s your weekend going”
“Fine, I’m on my way to your place, I want to copy some files on your laptop”
“I’m on my way to Emmanuel’s house, you have a copy of my key, so help yourself in”
“Your spare key is not here with me, just wait for me abeg I’ll be there in 10 min”
“OK, I’ll wait”
Few minutes later Thessy arrived. “I’ll be leaving now, you can drop my key with Sophia when you are through”
“Who is Sophia, that jambite?” she asked giving her ‘are you sure look’
“Yes, she’s a good girl.”
To be continued………….

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