Thursday, 20 December 2018


I threw my miserable self on the floor. God please come to my rescue ooooo, please come. Ooooohhhhh Kukua, where have I gone wrong in this life? What did I do? Somebody help meeeeee! I am tearing apart O God! I screamed in pain. An hour later, Curtis stormed the house with body builders. Kukua, give me the documents to this house. Not only that, I need your university certificate as well and the key to your car. He instructed. I stood up from the floor in tears and asked. Did Caleb tell you to come for them? I don't need Caleb's permission before doing this. He is my brother and everything that belongs to him as well belongs to me. Now, get in there and give me what I have requested. He yelled. I hurriedly entered the bedroom and brought them out. I handed them peacefully to him. Kukua, this house is no longer yours, including everything in it. If you know what is good for you, walk out of here this minute, before I order these men to do it with force. He threatened. Caleb, can I at least pick my clothes? I asked. Nothing in this house belongs to you Kukua, they belong to my brother. He responded. Curtis, I want to pick my old clothes, the ones my mother bought for me before she died. At least, that will console me. I pleaded. He walked me into the room and threw my old clothes at me after I showed him where they were packed. I picked them sadly, and quietly walked out of the house in tears. I stood at the entrance, staring at the house. This is where Caleb confessed his love for me. We promised to hold each other so tight, but unfortunately, he has let go of me. Caleb, I promised you, and will never go back on my words. I pray you find out the truth someday, whether I am dead or alive. Even if you don't come back for me, I will die a peaceful and vindicated death. I soliloquised in tears. I didn't know where else to go. I kept wondering on the streets with my polythene bag. Tears was my principal food. Sorrow, was the rhythm of my heart. I wish I could go back to Buohia, my hometown, to start life all over again, but unfortunately, I didn't even have money for transportation. Mother where are you? Tell my father to come to my rescue. I can't contain it anymore. The tears are drowning me O mother. The pain is cutting down my throat. My parents, please come and take me to the land of death, for life has rejected me. I lamented on the floor, where I laid to spend the night. The next morning, I thought of going to a nearby church to pray to God, maybe, he will listen to me there. I walked in and knelt before the alter. God, my mother told me so many good things about you before she died. Unfortunately, I have never come so close to you. I always look at you from afar, because anytime I go to church, the front seats are occupied by the rich. Today I am here before you, after all the rich people have gone home, and I believe you can hear me loud and clear. As you already know, I am an orphan, you took my parents away. I didn't give up, but tried my best to survive, yet, I fail with every step I take. God, even last night, I slept on the streets, does that mean you have nothing better for me? If you don't, why don't you kill me? Kill me God, I want to join my parents. I prayed sadly in tears. Immediately I finished and stood up to leave, I saw someone standing behind me. Young lady, God has not forsaken you, his time is not yet ripped for you. In every professional job, one needs some experience, so, if you don't gain any experience in life, how do you expect to be a professional to happiness? The man asked. I don't know what your problems are, but I know, they are not too heavy for you, for it is written in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that "No temptation has taken you, except, what is common to man. God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able, but will with the temptation also make the way of escape, that you, may be able to endure it." Listen to me my daughter, after a war, lies success. After success, lies a testimony. Life is in stages, if you jump over any, you will definitely come back to complete that part. Don't pray for God to jump you over the stages, pray to him to give you enough strength to complete each of the stage successfully. It is not about the quantity of tears you have cried, it is about the lessons you have drawn from those tears. My daughter, never pray for death, pray for life, so that, your enemies will see you someday, and believe in the power of the God you serve. If you don't stress, how do you rest? If you don't sow, how do you reap? If you don't invest, how do you retrieve? If life is easy, God wouldn't be appreciated. Our God does all these to glorify himself. He is God, and no one can challenge him. His ways are just, and true. Remember, In the book of John 9:2-3, when the disciples asked Jesus, Rabi who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered them by saying "Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life" So you see, God is unquestionable. He does things to please us, in other to glorify his works. My daughter, this door is always opened to receive you. Worship with us anytime you want to. I am the head pastor of this church. The man of God added. God bless you Pastor, my heart has found peace. I responded. He quickly gave me 50cedis from his pocket to buy something for my stomach. Take this money to buy food or water. You can as well come and sleep in the old church building behind this one. We use it to accommodate the homeless. He said. I walked out of the church premises in a revived spirit. Where else Kukua? Where do I go from here? I thought

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