Thursday, 20 December 2018


Well then, let's call Emrys for a final confirmation. He stated and began calling Emrys on phone. Hello Emrys, Caleb needs your presence in Kukua's house this very minute. Leave everything you are doing and come. He spoke and hanged up. I stared deep into Caleb's eyes in tears whiles he stared back in disappointment and pain. Caleb, I wish you could feel my innocence in your heart. Why on earth will I cheat on you? I asked. Kukua shut the hell up and let's hear from Emrys. Pray hard he gives us the same explanations as you've given us, or else, you are doomed. Curtis cut in angrily. I wept and prayed in silence till Emrys arrived. Emrys! Please come and prove my innocence. My destiny is in your hands now. I stated in tears immediately he entered the room. What is happening here? Foster, why did you sound so urgent, what is wrong? Caleb, why is Kukua weeping like a baby? Why? Emrys asked so many questions at a time. Emrys cut the pretence and have a seat. What is bothering you, the fact that your bedmate Kukua is weeping, or the fact that your rival Caleb is troubled? Which is which? Curtis angrily asked whiles Caleb looked on. What is the meaning of all that Curtis? Who is a rival to who? Emrys confusedly asked. This is the meaning Emrys! Caleb yelled and threw the pictures at him too. Give me explanations to each of these pictures. He added. Emrys began looking at the pictures one after the other in shock. Caleb, where did you get these pictures from? Emrys in a trembling voice asked. Emrys, who is Kukua to you, looking at all the evidence I've got here. Caleb angrily asked. Eeeerrrmmm Caleb, I can explain. He stammered. Well go ahead, I have all the time to listen to you. Caleb responded. Emrys you better start talking now before I smash your head. For the last time, who is Kukua to you? Curtis screamed angrily. Immediately, Emrys went down on his knees. Caleb I am sorry, I didn't mean to sleep with Kukua, she pushed me to. He confessed lies. What! Emrys are you alright? What are you doing? Who forced who to sleep with who? I screamed in tears of pain. Kukua shut the hell up and sit your loose ass down! Curtis yelled. Caleb buried his face in tears. Caleb my brother, I am so sorry. Kukua lured me into this, she did. Emrys added to his confession. Eeeeiii Emrys, please don't kill me! I have suffered too much in this life. Emrys I am an orphan who has just found happiness, please don't mare it. For God's sake, return the ransome you took to separate Caleb and I. I pleaded in tears. Caleb please listen to me, I don't know what Emrys is talking about. I haven't slept with him nor done anything bad with him. I explained. Caleb stared so deep at me in tears. Kukua, even if you wanted to cheat on me, you shouldn't have done it with my bosom friend. The evidence is so clear, and I don't need to investigate further. Emrys is currently on his knees apologizing for sleeping with you, and you are on your feet denying. Caleb responded in tears. I would have believed you Kukua, if not for these pictures. Life is not fair, it hurts those it is supposed to bless. I bought you a house, a car and everything you needed, just to make sure you feel good like any other person. Kukua, I shouldn't have added my heart to it if I knew you were going to sell it at a cheap price. He added. I am so sorry Kukua, for loving you when I was not supposed to. I am sorry for trusting you when I was not supposed to. I am sorry for giving you my heart, when I was not supposed to. Kukua, I am terribly sorry, for choosing you above everybody when I was not supposed to. I leave you today, to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Emrys is all yours now, because, I am long gone out of your life, but remember, you have confined me to eternal bachelorhood. I can neither love nor trust anybody in my life again. Goodbye my best friend, goodbye my Kukua. He spoke in tears and walked out of the room. I followed him in tears too till he drove out of the compound with Curtis and the investigate friend of his. I was now alone with Emrys who was also about entering his car. Emrys, I don't know why you did all these, but for whatever reasons, I pray it yield fruits for you. Look at me Emrys, just look at the tears spewing from my eyes. It isn't ordinary tears, it is the tears of an orphan, a poor dead mother of mine, and a poor dead father. I am shedding the tears of the living and the dead, and that should tell you that, you have began a war that your entire generation cannot win. If you know what is good for you Emrys, go and confess the entire truth to your friend. I spoke in pain and walked out on him into my room. I threw my miserable self on the floor, and wept like a baby.

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