Thursday, 20 December 2018


Instantly I dazed. This is too evident enough for whatever allegations. God please speak through me. I prayed silently in tears without knowing where to start from. Kukua, I am still waiting for an explanation to those pictures. Caleb said. Or you are not the one in the picture? He added. Caleb I am the one, but I have an explanation. Emrys and I went out for a dinner and when we were about parting ways, he asked for a hug. Before I knew it, he had held me so tight, not wanting to let go off me. I unhappily pushed him off and even registered my displeasure. I explained. Really? Kukua, is that the explanation you have? Is that the only explanation to the warm and beautiful hug displayed in that picture? He asked. Anyway, what is the meaning of these pictures too? He threw another set of pictures on my laps containing Emrys in his naked state, standing in front of me. I Instantly burst into a loud cry. Caleb please, if you will understand me better, you will need to trust me a bit deeper. This was a day Emrys came into this house and spent the night under your instructions. I was in the sitting room when he run to me naked. I didn't know what was chasing him, but when I asked him, he didn't have any better explanation for me. I explained. Wow, I am really enjoying this. What a forceful confession day. Curtis happily exclaimed. Caleb please, you and I can have a better explanation and understanding to this when we are alone. Can we please make this private? I asked. Kukua, this issue has gone beyond privacy, besides, there are lots of people involved. You've hurt me so bad Kukua, and I must get to the bottom of this. He responded. Caleb please understand me, I didn't cheat on you. It may look that way, but trust me, I didn't. You can even call Emrys to verify. I spoke in tears. Slow down Kukua, we will definitely get to that bridge. Before then, take a look at these final evidence and give me the feedback. He sated and threw other pictures of Emrys holding my boobs and butts, during our exercise. God help me! I screamed. Caleb, look into my eyes and you will understand me. I simply can't believe this is happening to me again. All fingers are pointing at me and I lack the words to even explain. Caleb, your Kukua is innocent of all these, she is innocent. I pleaded in tears. Kukua, you are surprising me really. With all these evidence, you still have the strength to deny? The evidence of hugging my friend passionately, the evidence of him standing naked before you, and the evidence of him pressing your boobs and butts? Kukua, were you under a spell? Caleb screamed in tears too. Caleb, let's look at it this way, if indeed I did all these with Emrys, do you think he would take pictures and show them to you? Caleb, don't you think Emrys set me up to make things appear this way? I asked. Not so fast Kukua, you can't turn everything on Emrys. Caleb's friend cut in quickly. As we speak, Emrys is not aware of what is happening here. It was during the graduation ceremony, that I suspected you and Emrys of having an affair, that was why I took my time to investigate the two of you. He confessed. I monitored the two of you from your house to Dine Restaurant, and I realized how you guys were passionately hugging and touching each other. That was when I began taking pictures of you. He continued. Afterwards, I picked Emrys' phone while he was busy in the office, and quickly bluetooth the pictures he took with you whiles the two of you were having fun in this house as lovers. Kukua, Caleb is a good person, so I got sad, when I realized he was dinning with another terrible wolf, that was why I printed out the evidence in the form of pictures and showed them to him on his return. He concluded. My brother you have killed me! Please, it isn't what you think, you should have asked Emrys and he would have told you the truth. You went to the extreme. I responded in tears still. Kukua, before we call Emrys here to confirm, I will like you to answer this simple question, why didn't you invite us for the dinner when we all escorted you to the graduation ceremony? Why Emrys alone? He asked. Emrys rather invited me bro, I didn't. He told me he was doing all that under the instructions of Caleb. I responded. Well then, let's call Emrys for final confirmation. He stated and began calling Emrys on phone.

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