Thursday, 20 December 2018


Life and death? What could that be? I thought as I got home. I waited so long but Caleb wasn't showing up, so I decided to call him. I called him for hours, but he didn't answer, neither did he reply my texts. Quickly, I remembered to call Doris. Hello Doris, Kukua here. Hey Kukua, you good? I am lucky to receive a call from the woman of the moment. She teased. You even came into this house and never asked of me. I was busy in the kitchen when I heard your voice. She complained. I'm sorry Doris, I will make it up to you some other time. I responded. Eheh Doris, is Caleb home? I've been calling his line but no response. I asked. Hmmm Kukua, I don't know what is wrong with brother Caleb, I was in the kitchen when I heard his weeping voice in his room. I went a bit closer to satisfy my curiosity, and the only thing I could hear was Curtis consoling him that, he should have listened to them as a family when they warned him. She narrated. What could it be? I have never seen Caleb weeping before. I worriedly inquired. I am not so certain Kukua, unless you hear from him. Doris responded. Alright my sister, thanks for the information, I will keep trying to reach him. I responded and hanged up. God, what is wrong with Caleb? Why is he weeping? Why is he not answering my calls? This is unlike him. I thought sadly. I waited till late in the night, and when I was not hearing from him, I drove to his home. What do you want here you slimy bastard! A congenital bitch like you who was born out of poverty! Curtis insulted. Curtis, I can take everything from you but what I cannot, is to stand here and watch you call me names. I unhappily responded. Names? Have I called you a name that doesn't suit you? Ain't you a pauper? Ain't you a bitch? Useless empty headed cheap DINNER lady! I warned my brother but he wouldn't listen. I am glad the result for the so called true love is out. Kukua, you have failed! Try harder next time! Curtis yelled angrily. I was so confused. What is he talking about? Cheap DINNER girl? Meaning? I thought. Curtis can I please see your brother? I asked. You have the guts? Really? You want to see Caleb? He sarcastically asked. Before I knew it, he had locked the main gate to prevent me from driving out, and unchained their bull dogs to chase me out of the house. I run as fast as death. Kukua, if you know what is good for you, bring back the car keys, or else. He threatened behind me. I walked home in tears and pain. God, even if I will go through pains, don't let Caleb suffer for anything. I prayed in tears. Three days after, I heard a knock on my door. It was Caleb, Curtis and the other friend I have never asked of his name. Caleb, what happened to you? Why are you looking this way? Why haven't you been picking up my calls? I asked so many questions and tried to hug him. Kukua cut the drama, we are here for a purpose. Curtis stated and pushed me off his brother. I nervously offered them seats. Caleb, why are you here today with all these people? What is it? I asked. Kukua, why did you refuse to answer my calls on the day of your graduation? Caleb asked calmly but sadly. Caleb, the phone got lost like I explained to you the next day. I searched everywhere until Emrys informed me that he saw me putting it in my cosmetic bag. I explained. What a coincidence! Hehehehe, more to come. Curtis teased. Kukua, where were you on the night after your graduation ceremony? Caleb questioned. I went for a dinner with Emrys per your instructions. I answered. Per my instructions? Did I instruct you to go for a dinner? He asked. Emrys told me... I tried responding. Not what Emrys told you Kukua. Did I ask you to go for a dinner? He repeated. No you didn't. I responded in fear and panic. Kukua, may I know what went on between you and my friend Emrys when I was away. He asked. Nothing went on Caleb, except for the graduation and its preparations. I responded. Kukua, I have never been mad at you and I don't want to. For the last time, may I know what went on between you and my friend Emrys? He asked again. Nothing went on Caleb. I responded almost in tears. Can you explain the meaning of these pictures to me? He asked and threw onto my laps, pictures of me and Emrys, hugging tightly at the restaurant. Instantly, I dazed. This is too evident of whatever allegations. God please speak through me. I prayed silently in tears without knowing where to start from.

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