Thursday, 20 December 2018


We both parted ways and I locked my door behind him. In the morning, I had a call from Caleb. Hello baby, what happened? Why have you abandoned me? I asked. Kukua please forgive me, I had complications from the surgery, and it was very severe. I could neither stand nor walk, mum was doing virtually everything for me. He explained. I called your line and your mother answered but she didn't allow me talk to you. I complained. I knew it will happen that way, please forgive me. I had no control over issues, but now, I do. He responded. Glad to hear that Caleb, the program is starting 10am, and we are preparing to go. I announced. That's alright my love, but I hope Emrys is doing everything I instructed him to do? He inquired. Everything Caleb, including the crazy exercises. I responded. Hello Kukua, are you there? Your network is fluctuating. Hellooo Kukua. Caleb called. Caleb I can hear you, can you hear me? I responded. Unfortunately, the line dropped and we couldn't continue the conversation due to poor network in Praso. Hours later, Emrys and the other friends came for me for the ceremony. It was so much fun with food and drinks in abundance. I invited my mates to dine with me. People kept staring at me for the caterers and people I brought to the occasion to serve my mere food. My tent was flashy and classy. I felt so proud and happy. I took several pictures to show to Caleb. Emrys please give me my bag, I want to make a video call to Caleb and show him how much fun we are having. I stated. I took the bag and my phone was nowhere to be found. We searched everywhere but to no avail. I became so worried because I knew Caleb will be calling. Emrys please call Caleb for me on your phone. I pleaded. Kukua, we all didn't bring our phones here because we know how thieves operate at a ceremony like this. Sorry about that. I promise to call him for you when we get out of here. He responded. After the program came to a close, Emrys and his friends drove me back home. Emrys please when will you bring your phone for me to talk to Caleb? I asked. Kukua, I have even planned a dinner with you this evening to bring your day to a complete success, I will call him for you when we get to 'Dine Restaurant'. He responded. Dinner? Emrys you planned this alone, I don't remember you informing me. I responded. No Kukua, your husband planned it alone without informing you. This is how he wants us to finish the day, not my initiative. He explained. Alright, I've heard you, since it is coming from Caleb. I responded. I will come for you at 9pm, please be ready by then. He stated. Thanks for your time Emrys, you've done so well for Caleb and I towards this program. I expressed gratitude. Thanks too for the opportunity Kukua, bless you. He responded and drove away. I went inside to rest till 8pm when I prepared for the dinner. At exactly the appointed time, Emrys came for me. Kukua, I have tried severally to reach Caleb, but his line is also not going through. I have sent him messages though, let's hope he calls. He said. One more thing Kukua, I will try and get you a new phone tomorrow. He added. Thanks a million Emrys, God bless you. I happily responded. We drove to Dine Restaurant to eat and drink. Wow, such a classy cool place. I exclaimed. Yes Kukua, a place for people with class. He responded. We ate and drank everything we wanted till around 11pm when I got tired. Emrys, I will like to go home now, it is getting late. I said. Not until you give me a thank you hug. He insisted. I quickly stood up and hugged him but he held me so tight, not wanting to free me.

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