Thursday, 20 December 2018


God, what kind of problem at all is this? What kind of graduation is Kukua Nancy going to have that needs special exercises and training? I thought unhappily. I tried reaching Caleb again, but his lines were still switched off. The next day at 10pm, Emrys came into my house again. Emrys, I am not happy with how you come here late these days. I complained. Kukua what do you expect me to do? To disobey my manager Caleb? He asked. Caleb? You mean you've spoken to Caleb today too? How come, because I know his phone is off. I asked. I called his mother's phone and she gave it to him briefly to talk to me. I was almost sleeping when he pleaded with me to come and stay with you since he has been having bad dreams about you in this house. He explained. Can you please give me his mother's number? I asked sadly. Do you want me to loose my job Kukua? What matters is he still thinks about you. There is no need calling his mother. He responded. Alright then, you can use the guest room whiles I sleep in my room. I responded and locked the doors. As early as 4am, Emrys bumped into me in my room. What is it Emrys? What do you want? I screamed. I heard someone screaming and I thought it was you. He responded. Anyway, I am not the one, so you can go back to your room. I responded unhappily. Kukua it is morning, and you must wake up for the body exercise, remember tomorrow is the day for the graduation. I am waiting for you in the sitting room. He stated and walked out. I dressed up and joined him for the training. It took same dimension like the other day, so I had to stop. What is wrong with you Kukua? Why do you always stop in the middle? Emrys unhappily asked. Emrys, I am almost married to your friend and I don't like the way you keep touching every part of my body, all in the name of exercise. What do you seek to achieve? I asked almost in anger. Kukua, if you think I am interested in your body, then I am very sorry to disappoint you. Listen to me, I have a fiancee whom I am also staying faithful to. It is rather unfortunate you have never gone to a gym, you would have known that, this is how they train their customers. If you have clear conscience, I don't know why you would complain over this. He angrily spoke. Anyway, I will call Caleb to inform him of how you've just insulted me. He added. No Emrys, I am sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I didn't also know that this is how they do it in even at the gym, please let's continue. I pleaded. We began the exercise again and he began holding my boobs from my back to aid me squat. At a point, he held my butts firmly and asked me to stretch my thighs. Everything looked so real, and I realized he was being professional. After several minutes of doing that, we finally came to a halt and he asked permission to go back to his house. Kukua, let me freshen up and leave. He sated and walked into the washroom to bath. Seconds later, he run out from the washroom naked. What is it Emrys? What is chasing you? I fearfully asked. I think I heard you screaming. He responded. That is not true Emrys, please go inside and bath, you don't have to show me your manhood. I angrily responded and walked out on him. What at all has Caleb put me through? What kind of nonsense is this? I thought unhappily. After he finished, he came to inform me that he was leaving. Kukua, please I'm sorry for any inconveniences. Prepare, I will come for you in the afternoon for shopping. We must get a dress for the occasion tomorrow. He sated and drove out of the house. I tossed on my bed thinking about everything. I didn't seem to find answers to my questions. Later in the afternoon, he came for me and we went out for shopping. Emrys kept taking photos of me and every dress I wear. We came back in the evening very exhausted. Kukua, the food and everything will be ready by 6am tomorrow. The program is all set. He happily announced. Glad to hear Emrys, we shall meet tomorrow. I responded. We both parted ways and I locked my door behind him.

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