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Thursday, 20 December 2018


I am glad for this day Caleb, but I must find out from Emrys and Foster, the reasons why they did that to me. I responded in tears. Doctor Sasu asked permission to go back to the city whiles Caleb stayed back apologizing severally. Kukua, when I look at you, I see pain. When I look at you, I see sorrow. I am so sorry my love, I didn't mean to watch you stress up this way. It hasn't been easy with me too, for the past one year and some months, i haven't had a sound sleep nor a better appetite for food. He added. Emrys and Foster must pay for all the stress they have put us through. He said. It isn't any fault of yours Caleb, any normal human being would have done what you did when the evidence was evident enough. I have never blamed you, and will never blame you. I responded sadly. But Caleb, have you informed Curtis I am innocent? I asked. Not yet Kukua, Kwaku showed me the evidence just two days ago when Curtis had traveled out of town. He will be back tomorrow though, but I will only inform him after I have arrested Emrys and Foster. He explained. Caleb do you want to arrest them? What for? I asked. They are capable of killing us Kukua. They are criminals for executing that plan successfully. I am charging them for defamation of character. He responded. The next morning, Caleb and I went to Kwaku's house, and together, we all went to the police station to lodge a complain. Two officers accompanied us to both Emrys and Foster's house for their arrest. They wept as the police brought them to the station. On a further interrogation, Emrys confessed. Caleb I am so sorry, please forgive me. Your own brother Curtis, paid us to do this to separate the two of you. Emrys confessed in tears. Instantly, I slipped and almost fell on the floor. Caleb quickly held me and walked me to a seat. Emrys, Curtis did this to me? Did you say my own brother Curtis did this? Caleb screamed in pain. Yes Caleb, he paid us an amount of 10000cedis for the job and because of the hatred I have for Kukua and her poor life, I accepted the offer without a second thought. I am sorry for betraying you my friend, please forgive me. He pleaded in tears. Curtis will come back from wherever he is to meet me. I will deal with him squarely. Caleb angrily threatened and picked his phone to call Curtis. Curtis, so it was you! You, Emrys and Foster are the wolves I have been dinning with all these while right? I swear to deal with you. I will deal with you ruthlessly. He spoke angrily and hanged up. We left the station to the church to wait for Curtis' return. Later in the evening, Caleb received a call from his mother. Caleb where are you? Curtis is involved in an accident, and has been rushed to the hospital. Mrs Bentum announced in tears. Where? When? Mummy how? Caleb screamed. In the outskirts of Praso, when he was returning from his journey. We are currently at the Praso hospital and the doctors are busy working on him in the theatre. She responded and hanged up. Kukua, I must run now. Curtis is involved in an accident. Caleb stated in haste. Can I come with you? I worriedly asked. No Kukua, not today. I will come back for you tomorrow. Just pray for him. He responded and drove away. I had no phone to call to find out what was happening. I prayed ceaselessly throughout the night. Early the following morning, Caleb came back for me. Kukua, Curtis requests your presence. He said. How is he doing Caleb? I asked. He's got one of his legs amputated. Caleb responded in tears. What! Oh God why? Why? I broke down in tears too. Kukua please stop crying and let's go to see him. He wants to talk to you. Caleb consoled. We drove to the hospital and there laid Curtis in tears. I run to hug him in tears too. Curtis I am sorry, I am so sorry for this pain you are going through. God knows best. I whispered into his ears. Kukua I am sorry for the pain I caused you, your God has punished me severely. He spoke in tears. After I set you up with my brother's friends, I kept having dreams that asked me to confess, but I didn't listen. Kukua, your God is powerful enough, he has punished me for you. Please forgive me before he kills me. He added. I have forgiven you Curtis, I hold nothing against you. I responded in tears. I visited Curtis almost all the time, but anytime I saw his parents coming, I exited through the back door. I didn't want them to be mad at me. Weeks after Curtis was discharged, Caleb visited me in the church, for a conversation. Kukua, we have suffered enough, and I want us to finally settle down. He said. What about your parents Caleb? Have you informed them? I asked. We are going to inform them together my love. Whether they like it or not, we are getting married. He responded. Get ready Kukua, I will come and pick you to the house tomorrow morning. He added. I prayed throughout the night to God to perform a miracle.

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