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Thursday, 20 December 2018


I must get going now Peace, I will be here some other time to see you. He responded and drove away. Life goes on, with God on my side, I will win someday. I thought. I continued my laundry job. One hot afternoon, I was trekking from the senior high school after a tiring washing when suddenly, a car stopped by me. Hello Peace, how are you doing? He asked. Doctor Sasu, I am doing great. You came into this town and you never looked for me? I asked. I went to the church, but I didn't meet you. Anyway hop into the car and let me give you a ride. He responded. I quickly joined him to rest my burning feet. Peace, I am picking a friend who has developed fault with his car at the next junction, I hope it wouldn't worry you? He asked. Not at all doctor. I responded. Before I knew it, I was dozing. Minutes later, I heard a familiar voice screaming at my name. Kukua! Is this you? Quickly, I woke up. Caleb, have you forgiven me? I asked in tears. Kukua, there is nothing to forgive, you were never at fault. Kwaku showed me the evidence of Emrys and Foster plotting to set you up, since then, I have been searching everywhere for you. Kukua, I am begging you in God's name to forgive me. Please forgive me for not trusting you. Caleb went down on his knees on the street and pleaded in tears. Do you guys know each other? Doctor Sasu asked confusedly. Yes I do, she is the lady I talked to you about the last time we met. Caleb responded. Get into the car and let's go Caleb, people are staring at you too much. Doctor Sasu stated and stepped out from the car to bring Caleb inn. I couldn't control my tears. I wept like a baby. Thank you God for vindicating me, thank you God. I prayed silently. Where should I drive you guys to? Doctor Sasu asked. Take me back to the church Doctor, I have few things to tell God. I responded. The church? Why not your home? Caleb asked in tears. The church is my home after Curtis seized the house from me the next day after the allegations. I responded. Kukua, you mean Curtis seized the house from you? He screamed in dismay. Yes Caleb, he did. He seized everything including my dresses. I responded sadly. Kukua please forgive me, I never had any idea of that. All these while, I thought you've even been employed in a better firm with your certificate. I never knew you were wondering about on the streets. He pleaded in tears. We finally got to the church and we all walked inside to talk. Caleb kept weeping on seeing the mat I sleep on, and my clothes packed in a polythene bag. Caleb pull yourself together. You are lucky you've found her. She is here now, and you can talk things out. Doctor Sasu advised till we both stopped crying. Kukua, you lied to me. You told me your name is Peace. Sasu complained. Peace is my inner name Doctor. I responded. But wait a minute Sasu, where do you know her? Caleb asked. Immediately, Sasu turned to look at me. I shook my head, signalling him not to tell Caleb the truth. What are you guys hidding? Anyway I won't force you, because I know, the truth will definitely come out. Caleb playfully sated. Caleb, what reasons did Emrys and Foster give you, for causing me this massive pain? I inquired sadly. I haven't talked to them yet Kukua. I was waiting to see you before we together force the truth out of them. He responded. And what evidence did Kwaku show you, that vindicated me? I asked. Emrys and Foster planned the whole thing in Kwaku's office, and he traced the CCTV footage to retrieve an evidence to vindicate you. He explained. I am glad for this day Caleb, but I must find out from Emrys and Foster, the reasons why they did that to me. I responded in tears.

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