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Thursday, 20 December 2018


Instantly, I lost the strength to move. You knew about this? Were you part of the plan? I asked. I never was and I never will. I was present when they were planning it. I advised them against it and they told me they will see what they can do, unfortunately, I had to travel for my wedding. He narrated. Did they give you reasons why they wanted to set me up? I asked in tears. No Kukua, they didn't. He responded. Well, they won. Caleb dumped me after all evidence pointed at me. Curtis has seized everything from me including my certificate. I am left with nothing! Nothing at all. I responded in tears. This must not happen Kukua, I have to talk to Caleb. He responded. Talking to Caleb without any evidence won't solve the problem, besides, I have finally come to terms with the fact that, I was born to suffer. Thank you for letting me inn on this, the God I serve, will vindicate me someday. I spoke in tears and walked away. Why would Emrys do this to me? What did I do wrong? I thought sadly as I walked back to the church. Days later, Doctor Sasu came visiting. Peace, I have been very very busy performing surgeries, that is why I haven't come to see you in a long time. He explained. That is equally important Doctor Sasu, thanks for checking up on me. I responded. I even went to the Bentum's house to check on the Mrs, and she is doing so great. She kept talking about the unknown person who saved her life, and I wish I could take you there some day. He added. No Doctor! I don't want anything from them. They must not know me. I responded unhappily. Hey chill, I never meant I am taking you there, I only made a wish. He responded. Anyway, I will spend today in their home, Mr Bentum will be celebrating his 60th Birthday tomorrow, and my presence is needed. He added. That's alright doctor, you must get going now, I need to take some rest. I responded. I will be back tomorrow to see you, but in the mean time, take this money for upkeep. He dipped his hand into his picket and gave me another 200cedis. God bless you Docror Sasu, I much appreciate your kindness. I responded. Caleb, what have you been up to? How are you doing? Haven't you at least missed me? Or you found somebody who has replaced me? I thought sadly as I laid on my mat. Two days later, in the morning, immediately I stepped out to work, I met Doctor Sasu at the entrance of the church. Good morning Peace, where are you off to? He asked. I am off to work Doctor. I responded. Wow! You work? At where? He inquired. I am a self employed laundress. I responded. Really? I see. He unhappily responded. Anyway, I will be leaving this afternoon, and I decided to have few words with you before I go. Can we go somewhere like a restaurant to talk? He asked. No doctor, if we must talk, we must do it in the presence of God. He must be a witness to whatever we are going to discuss, so that someday, when I find myself in trouble, he will vindicate me. I responded. That is no problem Peace, let's go inside then. He responded and followed me into the church. Doctor here we are, but may I ask how the party went? I asked. Not bad my dear, except that, their eldest son Caleb, was so down for the occasion. I kept asking him what the problem was, until he finally opened up to me on a lady he trusted so much, who cheated on him with his best friend. And the sad part is that, he is still in love with her. He. narrated. I never cheated on you Caleb, God is my witness. Anyway, in case you come back, I will forever be here for you. I thought in tears. Peace are you alright? Why the tears? He asked. I am so sad doctor. I wonder why people hurt those who don't deserve to be hurt. I lied in pain. Anyway Peace, I came here to let you know how I feel about you. Ever since I saw you, I have never been able to think straight. I think about you all the time. Peace, I am in love with you. He proposed. No doctor, you can't be in love with somebody who is in love with someone else. I have a man in my life. I turned down. Really? I'm sorry, I didn't know, but may I know who that man is? He asked. The man in my life is currently out of my life but fortunately or unfortunately, I still love him, I love him so much so that, I can never move on without him. I can never love any man apart from him. I responded. This is touching. Thanks anyway for your candidness, but I pray he comes back to you wherever he is. It is well with you Peace. Doctor Sasu responded. Thanks for understanding me Doc, you are gentleman. I stated. I must get going now Peace, I will be here some other time to see you. He responded and drove away.

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