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Thursday, 20 December 2018


I took the first bite, and somebody quickly held my hand to stop me from eating it. I turned in fear to look at the person and it was the doctor who drove me from the regional hospital to Praso. Doctor, you are not gone yet? I asked. How can I go young lady? You are supposed to be in a home with your family members around you, cooking nutritious meal to help facilitate your recovery, but here you are eating a bread that has lasted for almost three weeks. He sadly responded. Doctor please I said I'm fine. This is my home. My parents are no more, and I have no siblings. I find peace here. I explained. May I know your name? He asked. Me? Eeeerrrmmm, my name is Peace. I responded smartly to avoid him from exposing me to the Bentum's. That's a beautiful name. You can also call me Sasu. He responded. I've heard you doctor Sasu. I responded in smiles. Peace, I will like to get you food from the restaurant, please promise not to eat this old bread. He sated. Alright, will be waiting for you. I responded. When he was almost walking out of the church, I called him back. Wait a minute doctor, please don't forget, you have to keep everything about me confidential. I cautioned. I won't forget Peace. He responded and walked out. Minutes later, he brought me the food. As if he knew my favorite, he bought me jollof rice and chicken. I stared at the food with teary eyes. I remembered Agyei feeding me some years back with this same food. Caleb feeding me with this same food. And my mother doing same, anytime she got a little money in her pocket. And one funny thing, they all gave me promises anytime they gave me my favorite food. The people who mattered so much to be abandoned me. After giving me hope, they took it away. I thought. Peace, why are you staring at the food this way? Don't you like it? Doc Sasu asked. I like it Doctor, I really do, but may I ask you if you have any promise to make to me after buying me this food. I asked. Yes Peace, I promise to be here to see you from time to time. He responded. I knew it! I knew he would make a promise. All the people who made me a promise over jollof rice and chicken, never fulfilled them, and I know this one is no exception. Once he is out of here, he will totally forget about me. I thought sadly. I have heard you Doctor, thanks a lot for the food and the promise. I responded sadly. He gave me 200cedis for upkeep and drove away. I ate the food in tears and sorrow. I wish my mother was here, we would have eaten this together. I thought. Days later, I regained my strength and began my laundry job once again. I moved from house to house as usual. I entered a beautiful house and unveiled my mission to a young beautiful lady. Wait, let me ask my brother if he has dirty clothes that needs to be washed. She responded. Bro, do you have dirty clothes, there is a laundress out there oooo. I overheard her saying. In seconds, she and the brother came out from the room. Are you the laundress? The brother asked. Yes please I am. I responded humbly. Do you recognize me? He asked. Not really bro. I responded while trying to make him up. Kukua, don't you remember Caleb's friend who escorted you to your graduation ceremony a year and some months ago? He asked. Are you the one who went outside the country to have your wedding? I asked in shock. Yes I am. I couldn't have the chance to inform you. I returned two days ago and I haven't even had the time to look for my friends. He responded happily. Kukua what happened to the university certificate? Why this job? Where is Caleb? He asked. I stared at his face for minutes without knowing where to start from. Sadly and slowly, I began walking out from the house. Kukua wait! Don't tell me Emrys and Foster truly set you up as planned. Don't tell me they did. He shouted behind me. Instantly, I lost the strength to move. You knew about this? Were you part of the plan? I turned and asked.

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