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Thursday, 20 December 2018


Confidentiality is the hallmark of this profession, so you have nothing to worry about. He responded and I walked away. I went straight to the market to buy clothes and veils to disguise myself. I don't need a thank you from anybody, I am only doing this, because I know how it feels to loose a mother. Curtis might be stubborn, but he wouldn't find it easy, if he looses his mum. Caleb on the other hand has suffered too much stress to watch him go through another. I thought. In the evening, I disguised myself in the veil and went to the hospital. Doctor, how did it go? I asked. They are more than ready for you young lady. Her husband is so much grateful already. He responded. What next? I asked. The ambulance is taking you people to the regional hospital as early as 5am. He responded. Am I going to be alone in the ambulance with the patient or there will be an accompanying relative? I asked. You will be in the ambulance with the patient and two nurses. The relatives will follow the ambulance in their family car. He explained. Alright then, I will be back in the morning, see you later. I responded and walked away to the church to sleep. I prayed throughout the night. God, I am doing this for you and Caleb, please take control over everything. In case I don't make it, please, keep the woman alive for his children. Early in the dawn, I walked to the hospital promises and joined the ambulance. Few hours later, we arrived at the regional hospital. I saw Caleb and Curtis through my veil. I saw how sad they were. Caleb was almost crying when the medical team was attending to his mother. I stared at him sadly. Caleb, I know you wouldn't have allowed me do this if you knew I was the one. I know you still despise me, I know you still feel betrayed, but, I am sorry for no offence. You told me months back, never to let go off you nor the love I have for you, and I am still keeping the promise. I thought in tears. Various tests were conducted on me, reports proved me compatible and medically fit for the surgery the next day. The doctor at Praso hospital had already communicated to regional medical team about keeping my identity confidential, so they did everything possible to ensure that. The next day, we went for the surgery. After a long sleep, I finally woke up. She is awake! I heard one of the nurses screaming happily. I quickly looked around to ensure I wasn't dead. Thank you God, thank you for keeping me alive. I prayed in thoughts. Nurse please how is the woman? I struggled to ask. She is very fine. She has been awake for two days now, while you were in coma. She explained. Coma? Really? I fearfully asked. Yes coma, but thank God, you are fine now. The woman's family have been very worried. She narrated. Did they have the opportunity to look at my face? I asked. No dear, that is supposed to be confidential so we did everything possible to ensure it. Let me go out and calm them with the good news. She responded and walked out. I could hear Caleb and his family screaming happily outside. God is wonderful! He is a miracle working God. I overheard Mr Bentum saying. Two weeks later, I was discharged from the hospital. The doctor drove me in his car to Praso as agreed between he and the Praso doctor. Young anonymous lady, where do you stay? I mean where will you alight? He playfully asked. I directed him to the church where I stayed. Why don't I take you home before coming here later to give thanks to God like you want to do now? He asked. This is my home doctor. I responded. I could see tears in his eyes as he stared at me with so many questions running through his mind. Thank you for the drive doctor, God bless you. I stated and got down from the car. I went straight to where I had laid my mat, knelt on it, and began giving thanks to God in prayers. After I finished praying, I opened my bag and brought out a bread I had kept for the past two weeks. I took the first bite, and somebody quickly held my hand to stop me from eating it.

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