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Thursday, 20 December 2018


Where else Kukua, where do I go from here? I thought. I decided to start all over again with my laundry job. I began moving from one house to the other. I went to the hospital as well to wash for patients. I as well went to the boarding schools to wash for students at a cheap price, since they couldn't afford huge charges. Business was booming, and I had enough money to feed. I made the church my home, and slept there every night with other homeless people. We all woke up every morning to tidy up the place before going out to hustle. Life gradually became better. After six months of destitution, I one day went to the hospital to wash for the patients as usual. Immediately I entered the ward, I saw the nurses and doctors running helter skelter. What is happening my sister? Is someone dead? I asked one of the patients. No my dear, the richest woman in this town is having problems with her kidney, and that is why everybody is so busy here. She explained. Awwww that is bad. God should have mercy on her. I responded. It isn't easy ooo my sister, if money is everything, this woman wouldn't be here suffering. She and the husband not long ago relocated into the country from the states, and now look at how sick she is. The patient narrated. I learnt she needs another kidney, but her Senior son is not so fit to donate neither is her husband, and her junior son has refused to donate. She explained further. Relocation? Junior son? Senior son? This sounds like a family I know. I said. Oh yeah, they are very famous and rich. Her name is Mrs Bentum. The patient responded. What? This is not happening? I exclaimed. Everybody is shocked and sad my sister, but who in this world will donate his or her kidney to that woman, after treating paupers like animals? The only thing we can do is to pray for her peaceful death. She explained unhappily. My sister, I will see you later. I responded in haste and walked to the nurses station. Good morning nurse, can I please talk to the doctor? I asked. And who are you that wants to talk to a doctor who is attending to the most richest and influential person? Are you not the lady who has been washing for the patients? She asked. I may not be anybody who might catch your attention, but at least, I am also human enough to look for the doctor. I don't think the doctor is here to attend to money, rather, human beings. So what was the point in telling me he is attending to a richer and powerful person? I unhappily asked. If you are here for money, then I suggest you lay down your tools and quit this job, because, nursing is a blessing beyond money. It is a blessing that covers your family from falling sick, because you are always busy attending to others. It is a blessing that adds more years to your life because, you didn't have enough time for yourself to enjoy your youthful days. It is a blessing that enables you to make people better through your words. I am not a nurse, but I know, nursing is more beautiful than this attitude you just put up. I unhappily complained. Madam I am sorry, I never meant to insult you. She quickly apologized. Never mind, I will be outside waiting, in case he comes, please call me. I responded and walked out. Minutes after, she came to call me. I hurried into the doctor's office to avoid being seen by any of the Bentum's family. Good morning Doctor, can I please have a word with you? I asked. Sure you can. Please have a seat. He offered. What brings you here? Doctor, I learnt somebody needs a kidney in this hospital. I asked. Is there any problem? He asked without answering my question. Not really doctor, but I think there is rather a solution. I responded. And that is? He asked. I want to donate one of mine. I responded. What? Do you know the woman or something? Or you want to sell it to her? He asked. None of them doctor, I am just doing it for charity. I responded. This is unbelievable! The Bentum's must hear this. The doctor exclaimed and picked up his phone. Not so fast doctor, I don't want you to inform anybody. In fact, I want to stay anonymous. I stated. Really? Why? How? He asked. That is how I want it doctor. Please talk to her family, if they agree, I will come for the donation. But may I ask, if the surgery is going to take place in this hospital? I asked. No, if she gets a donor, we will refer her to the regional hospital to see a specialist. All those arrangements are ready, except for the donor. He responded. Alright then, I will be waiting for a feedback after you've talked to her family. I stated. Can I please have your number? The doctor asked. I don't have a phone doctor. I responded. Young lady are you for real? You don't have a common phone and you are donating your kidney for free? He asked with shock written all over his face. Do you measure people's worth with mere phone? What has that got to do with the kind heart I possess? Or you expect me to own a phone before owning a kidney to be donated? Which is which? I unhappily asked. I am sorry young woman. He quickly apologized. Anyway, I will be here tomorrow for the feedback. I responded and stood up. Please be here later in the evening rather, because the woman needs the kidney badly. He responded. Alright then, I will be here in the evening, but please doctor, don't forget to keep my identity confidential, please don't. I cautioned. Confidentiality is the hallmark of this job, you have nothing to worry about. He responded and I walked away.

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