Thursday, 20 December 2018


We drove back to Praso in disappointment. Kukua, I am glad you have realized the kind of wolves you were dinning with. It isn't as if I hate them for hurting you, but I'm guarding you from going through that pain once again. When you go down on your knees, pray for them, but please, stay away from them. Caleb advised. I have heard you Caleb, thanks so much for your time. I responded. Anyway Kukua, I will be leaving this country to seek medical care next week. I hope it wouldn't worry you? He asked. No Caleb, but may I know the number of days you are going to spend over there? I asked. Three months. He responded. Three months is a lot of days my love, but for the sake of your health, I don't have to complain. The unfortunate thing is that, my graduation will fall on next two months, and you wouldn't be here. I said. I'm sorry Kukua, I wish I could be part of it. He responded. Don't worry Caleb, since you wouldn't be around, I will not bother myself going there. I will wait for your return so that we go for the certificate together. I suggested. No Kukua, I want you to go and take pictures for me. This is once in a lifetime. I will ask Emrys and Curtis to escort you. He suggested. Curtis? Caleb, you know how much Curtis hates me. How possible will it be for him to attend my graduation? I asked. Don't worry Kukua, if he refuses, Emrys and some few other colleagues will be there to represent me. He responded. One more thing Kukua, I bought you this phone, please take it and let's communicate when I go. He stated and handed me a brand new phone. I stared at the phone in fear and started reminiscing how mobile phones have always caused me troubles and pain. Kukua, don't you like this brand? He asked. I know no numerous brands to choose from Caleb, just that, I don't really like phones due to my past experiences. I responded. Due to Awuah right? Anyway don't worry, I won't force to have sex with you because I bought you a phone. He teased. Caleb don't talk to me again, I am at loggerheads with you. I playfully responded. We both laughed so hard over it. The following week, I escorted Caleb to the airport. I felt so sad seeing him fly away. I came back home in sorrow. Weeks later, Emrys called me. Kukua, I am supposed to go with you for your graduation. Am I right? He asked. Yeah sure. How many of you are going with me? I asked. We are three friends, including me. Please what is the exact date? He asked. 15th of this month. I responded. That is two weeks from now right? He asked. Yeah sure Emrys. I responded. We will surely be there, but before then, I will come home for a better planning. He said. We agreed on his visit the following week and hanged up. I updated Caleb on every happening towards the graduation. Kukua, I will undergo a surgery in three days time, please don't worry so much if you don't hear from me. I wish you could call mum to find out how I am doing but, she wouldn't take it lightly with you on the phone. Please stay safe for me. He spoke sadly.

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