Saturday, 15 December 2018


No Caleb, I prefer walking on the streets as a form of punishment for loosing your trust. I responded in tears. I never knew you are this weak Kukua. Instead of pulling yourself together and re-strategyzing to win my trust back, you prefer punishing yourself for eternity. What good will that make? He asked. Caleb I'm confused, I wish you could hear me out. I wish you could just listen to what I have to tell you. I pleaded in tears. No Kukua, I won't listen to anything, only if it doesn't concern Afrakoma. The more you talk about her, the more I will distance myself from you. He responded. Now, be a good girl and enter the car with me to your new apartment. Just do it for the respect and love you have for me as a brother. He said. Slowly and painfully, I joined him in the car. After few minutes drive, here we were in my new two bedroom apartment, rented for five years. It was such a magnificent place decorated with teddies, flowers, modern furniture, well stuffed kitchen and three flat screen televisions. One in the sitting room, and the other two in the two various rooms. I didn't know what to do. Whether to laugh or to continue crying. I wish Caleb hadn't lost trust for me, I would have jumped about happily thanking him, but here I am with tears running down my face whiles I say thank you. Kukua, I know you are hurt, and I equally am, but for the love I have for you as a kid sister, I decided to do this to ensure at least, your comfort. Take this 2000cedis for upkeep, I will bring you more when it gets finished. One more thing, don't forget my wedding is just around the corner and you must be there at all cost. He stated and handed me the money. Thank you Caleb, thanks a lot for everything you've done for me. Once again, I am sorry for disappointing you. I apologized sadly and he walked away. It is so unfortunate I can't do anything to help Caleb out of that marriage, but I know, God will protect him through my prayers. I thought. I can't forever depend on Caleb, I must get something meaningful doing with this amount of money. I thought. Yes, I have to get back to my charcoal business. This time around, the money is huge enough to buy more goods for sale. I thought. Days later, I began the charcoal business as planned. I traded beyond Praso, I traveled to the next two towns to sell. Fortunately, business was booming over there than Praso so I had to stay for a full month to gather enough money. Kukua, why don't you move here to stay and do your business. One of my customers asked. I will think about it my sister. I believe I will make it here, than Praso. I responded happily. Not only that Kukua, you can as well marry our brother Awuah who has been proposing to you for weeks now. She added. Stop that. How long have your brother known me? I shyly and playfully responded. We gossiped over Awuah for a while and parted ways. After a month of intensive buying and selling, I decided to go back to Praso to rest for a week and come back to continue. Kukua, I learnt you will be going to Praso today, when are you coming back? Awuah sadly asked. I will be back before you know it. I responded. Kukua, don't forget I will be here waiting for you. Don't forget I need you to make my life complete. He pleaded. Awuah, I'm still thinking about your proposal, I will give you a reply when I come back. I responded. Alright then, take this phone in order to facilitate a smooth communication. He sated and handed me a brand new phone with a SIM card. What! I can't believe this! I can't believe you bought me a phone. I exclaimed happily. Yes Kukua, I bought it for you. I will be calling you from time to time. He responded. We hugged and bid ourselves goodbye. I don't know why I seem to be liking Awuah this much. He is calm, humble and hardworking. Such a gentle soul. I thought as I journeyed back to Praso. Immediately I got into my room, Caleb came knocking. I attended to him immediately and happily. Helloooo Caleb, glad to see you! How are you doing? I asked. Kukua, where have you been? Do you realise you've not been fair to me? He unhappily asked. I'm sorry Caleb, I should have informed you but it was urgent. I responded remorsefully. Kukua, that thing was urgent than me? Couldn't you have waited to inform me? He asked. I'm sorry Caleb, I traveled to do business with the money you gave me, and guess what, I have made additional 1000cedis profit. Isn't that amazing? I happily asked, expecting him to be happy too. Immediately I landed with my last word, my phone rang. Excuse me Caleb, let me answer a call. I said. "Hello, please who is this? I asked. Oh helloooo Awuah, it is you. I should have known since you are the one who bought me the phone. I exclaimed happily. Yes I have arrived, and everything is fine. I have a visitor so I will call you back later" I talked. Kukua, so a man has bought you a phone right? Caleb asked with teary eyes. Caleb what's wrong? You seem to be complaining about everything, why? I asked. I'm sorry Kukua, I don't even know why I am doing that. I must be on my way now. He responded and began walking away. Caleb please come back! You don't look alright. You've lost weight. Is anything the matter? I followed him to his car with plenty questions. Kukua, everything is fine. Please save the date, my wedding is next week Saturday, and you must be there. He responded and drove away.

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