Saturday, 15 December 2018


I joined him in the car, and off, we sped. Kukua, can I come into your room for the discussion, or you want us to wait till morning? He asked. The latter will be okay. I responded. We bid ourselves good night and went into our various rooms to sleep. Early in the morning, Caleb came knocking at my door. We went for breakfast and later came into his room to talk. Kukua, I couldn't sleep last night, please talk to me, what is the discussion about? He asked. Caleb, I know it will be very difficult to trust a stranger like me, but for once, take that risk. I stated. I've been dreaming of you drinking juice every night before going to bed. Am I right? I asked. Yes Kukua, for the past two weeks, Afrakoma has developed the habit of serving me fruit juice every night before I go to bed, saying, it is very healthy. He responded. Good! I want you to stop drinking that juice, because it isn't as healthy as she claim. I advised. How do I turn down that offer Kukua? Considering the fact that she has my welfare at heart. Besides, I don't see anything wrong with it. Caleb responded. Caleb, before we started this conversation, I pleaded with you to trust me, and don't forget you did. The best you can do when she serves you the drink is to pretend to have taken it. Afterwards, pretend to be sleeping, and I believe, God will reveal a lot of things to you. I instructed. One more thing Caleb, if you see your future wife tiptoeing out of the room, don't question her, just tiptoe behind her for revelations. I added. Kukua, are you that religious? Since when did you start having revelations? Caleb surprisingly asked. Caleb, God in his own ways have time for everything. Please do as I have told you, and give me a feedback. I responded. Kukua, I shouldn't have promised of believing whatever you will tell me, but I did. Obeying your advise above my future wife's, makes me feel guilty, but a promise is a promise. I can't swallow back my words. He responded unhappily. Anyway, I am going to the office, I will go home after I've closed to heed to your spiritual advice. I will see you tomorrow. Please take this 200cedis for upkeep till we meet tomorrow. He added and drove out of the hotel. I prayed tirelessly to God, to make Caleb a free man from that evil woman. The next day, I waited for Caleb to show up but he didn't. Three days later, he showed up. Caleb what happened? I have been waiting eagerly to see you but you never showed up. I stated. Kukua, that is because I have lost trust in you. That is because, you made me disobey Afrakoma for nothing. I mean nothing! He angrily responded. What? Caleb are you sure you didn't find out anything? I asked. Kukua, you heard me right, I didn't find anything. And now listen to me, I don't ever want you to try coming between Afrakoma and I again! Never again! He warned. I am sorry Caleb, I just wanted you to know how Cally and Theo...... I tried talking. Shut up Kukua! I don't want to hear anything! What benefit will you derive from coming between she and I? He angrily cut in. I'm so sorry Caleb, I didn't mean to upset you. I quickly apologized. On humanitarian grounds, I have rented a two bedroom apartment for you to compensate you for the precious time of yours I wasted. If I had allowed you to continue your laundry job, you would have earned something meaningful by now. He said. Get into the car and let me take you there. He added. No Caleb, I prefer walking on the streets as a form of punishment for loosing your trust. I responded in tears.

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