Saturday, 15 December 2018


I began talking to emotionally blackmail the driver. Quickly he pulled over. Kukua, is your mother sick? He asked. Yes my brother, my mother is on a dying bed, that is why I applied for this domestic job to be able to help her survive. I responded. Why then are they accusing you of having eyes on brother Caleb? He asked. Before I got employed, I told Caleb about my family predicaments and he has been sympathizing with me since then. My brother look at me, what do you think can happen between Caleb and I? I don't even deserve him, and I am nowhere near his class. I have never dreamt or even hallucinated over that. Never! I responded almost in tears. That's alright Kukua, I will take you back to Praso, but please, promise you are not going to go anywhere near Caleb, because if you do and they find out, I will loose my job. He pleaded. I promise not to put you into any trouble. I responded. He drove me back to Praso, and I got down happily. I checked the time and it was past 12pm. I hurriedly walked to where I was supposed to meet Caleb, but unfortunately, he was not there. I wish I knew his office, but I didn't. God what do I do now? I don't have anywhere to stay and I don't have any family member to go to. I thought sadly. I sat there till later in the evening, but there was no sign of Caleb. I then used the money on me to rent a guest room, since Curtis and Cally had taken almost all my money from me. Early the next morning, I went to sit at where I was to meet with Caleb the previous day, hoping to see him. I sat there for hours, but he didn't show up. I was so hungry, so I stood up to get some food across the road. I bought the food and whiles walking back to where I was seated, I saw Caleb driving away. Quickly I dropped the food and began shouting. Caleb!!!! Caleb!!!! Caleb!!! Unfortunately, the glasses were rolled up so he didn't hear me. I run after the car as if I could catch up with him, but he was long gone. Aaaahhh! Why did I get up? Why did I even go to buy food? I believe he came to check if he could see me. I thought sadly as I walked back to pick the food from the floor. When I got there, I saw goats feeding on it. I angrily chased them away and picked the rest. Out of sadness, I couldn't eat much. I ate a little and saved the rest for supper. The money on me was finished, so I had no option than to sleep at where I had seated since morning. I spread my cloth on the floor, and in seconds, sleep carried my miserable self away. After some hours, I felt someone pulling my cover cloth. I quickly woke up in fear. Who are you? I sleepily shouted. Kukua, sorry for scaring you. I wanted to be sure if it is you, before I wake you up. It was Caleb. Caleb! I can't believe you are here! I exclaimed happily. Yes it is me Kukua. It is me. He responded sadly. But Caleb, it is late, why are you here at this hour? I asked. Kukua I have been searching this whole town for you but to no avail. What happened? Why did you resign? Did I offend you? And why didn't you show up for the 11am meeting you scheduled? He asked. I took my time and narrated everything to him. From how Curtis and Cally forced me out of the house, and how the driver sympathised with me. Kukua I am so sorry. Sorry for all the troubles I've put you through. Caleb sadly apologized. Caleb, you must go and come back tomorrow for a discussion. I said. No Kukua, I have informed the household that I am traveling for a business trip in the nation's capital. I did that to have time to roam this town in search of you. He responded. I have also rented a room at one of the hotels, let's go there and talk. He added. A hotel? Caleb, is it right for the two of us to be in a hotel together when people know you will soon be getting married? I asked. The rooms are separate Kukua, besides, I don't know why I don't care anymore. Please let's go. He responded. I joined him in the car and off, we sped.

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