Saturday, 15 December 2018


No Caleb, I rather want us to look into the future. Just meet me there at 11am. I stated and walked back in haste into the house. Kukua, whom were you talking to at the gym? Was it Caleb? Cally bumped into me and asked. No please, I rather went out to make a phone call. I lied Phone call? With what phone? Because the last time I checked, you owned no phone. She asked. Instantly, I lost words to defend myself. Eeeerrrmmm please I, I, I,.... I began to stammer. She slapped me so hard on the face. Talk now or I skin you alive! She yelled. Immediately, Caleb run into the house. What is happening here? Afrakoma, did I just hear the sound of a slap? He asked unhappily. No baby, I rather yelled at Kukua for not obeying simple instructions in this house. She responded. And what are those simple instructions? Talk to me! Caleb asked angrily. I'm sorry Caleb, I didn't mean to abuse her. Cally pleaded. You had the guts to slap this innocent girl for no offence and you are pleading for my forgiveness? Afrakoma, apologize to her, or else, you won't like me. Caleb stated angrily and walked out on us. Do you see what you've caused? Kukua, your evil ways cannot separate Caleb and I. No it can't! She angrily stated and walked out on me. After 10am when Mr and Mrs Bentum had left the house to the airport, and Caleb to work, Curtis and Cally confronted me. Kukua, you are lucky today we are not here to beat you up. We rather came in peace, so we expect you to comply with us. Take this sheet of paper and pen, and write a letter of resignation. Tell Caleb in the letter that, you are disappointed in him for this peanut salary of a job. Tell him, you aim higher than this. Curtis instructed. But Curtis, the salary is not peanut, how do you expect me to write that? I asked. Kukua, if you know what is good for you, better start writing or I force poison down your throat. He threatened. I began writing in tears. "Hello Caleb, I am happy to announce to you that, I have found a better job somewhere that pays a better salary than this peanut you and your family offer me. I therefore write to resign with immediate effect. And please, don't blame Cally for anything, she is not the reason for my leaving. She is a good woman and you must marry her. She has done so well for correcting me on several errors since I moved into this house. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to gain some experience in your home through Cally." That's my girl! Curtis exclaimed happily. Now go in there and pack everything belonging to you, and leave this house immediately. I give you 10minutes. He instructed. Curtis, are you sure this is the best decision? Are you sure Caleb isn't going to flare up? I overheard Cally worriedly asking as I walked into my room. Don't worry Cally, there is an evidence backing everything, and that is this letter. Curtis responded. Curtis, don't you think sacking her from this house will give the both of them the opportunity to meet any day, any time? Cally asked. No dear, I have asked the driver to drive her far away from this town. Somewhere she will even not waste so much time traveling back here. Curtis responded. I quickly walked into my room after eavesdropping their conversation and packed up my clothes. Immediately I stepped out, Doris called me. Kukua, I have heard everything, and I am terribly sorry. Take my number, and call me anytime, any day. She stated and handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. I walked pass her sadly and joined the driver in the family car. Goodbye dirty Kukua, in case you are reincarnated, you will never fix your evil eyes on somebody's man. Cally stated happily. The driver began driving on top speed. Driver please where are you taking me to? I asked. I am working under instructions so just keep quiet and let's go. He harshly responded. Goodbye my sick mother, goodbye till we meet again. I thought I was working to get money to care for your sickness, but unfortunately, they are taking me far away from you. In case you don't survive this sickness, let your ghost hunt whoever was responsible. Those who planned to take me away from you, and those who executed the plan. I began talking to emotionally blackmail the driver.

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