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Saturday, 15 December 2018


One evening, we were watching news together in the room when we heard a knock on the door. I hurriedly attended to it and it was Emrys. Hello Emrys, welcome to our home. I stated. Thanks Kukua, can I come in? He asked. Sure you can. I responded and ushered him in. Caleb was not happy to see him but I tried my best to unite the two of them. Emrys what brings you here? Caleb asked straight forwardly. Caleb I know you are not happy with me, that is why you have refused to give me money for food for the past three weeks after that incident in your home. Anyway, I am here to apologize. I am sorry my brother, so sorry for my choice of words. He apologized. Kukua, please you guys should find a place in your heart to forgive me, I am sorry. He added. Emrys, if I had not starved you, would you have been here to apologize? Caleb asked. Caleb please, he is sorry. Kindly let it go. I intervened. I have heard you my love. I have forgiven him. Caleb responded. They both caught up with old times and I joined them happily in conversation till Emrys asked permission to leave. Not so fast Emrys, you must come to my office tomorrow for your appointment letter. You are the new marketing manager. Caleb announced. This is unbelievable! Caleb, are you for real? Emrys happily exclaimed. He hugged Caleb happily in tears. Emrys began working with Caleb for a handsome salary at the end of every month, while I waited patiently for admission after I bought a university form. Weeks later, I gained admission into the university on sandwich basis. It was a dream come true. Caleb did everything possible to make me happy. He bought me a car as a birthday present. I began living like a rich lady. One afternoon, Caleb and I had returned from shopping and immediately we entered the room to take a rest, Mr and Mrs Bentum stormed the house. Welcome ma'am, welcome dad. I greeted them in fear. Take your welcome to yourself you poor thing! We didn't come here for you. Mrs Bentum angrily responded. Mum, why the insults in somebody's house? Caleb asked. Caleb, we didn't come here to banter words with you nor anyone. We only came to talk to you as a prodigal son. For months now, you've moved out of your home to stay with a total stranger all because of love. Caleb, I give you two conditions, either to choose us over her, or choose her over us and be disowned as our son. Mr Bentum narrated. Daddy, what at all is the meaning of this? Caleb asked almost in tears. Exactly how you understand it Caleb. I give you two days to decide, failure to hear from you means, you've chosen the later, and so will it be. Mr Bentum responded. And to you young lady, if my son chooses you over us, you will never know peace. Your children will be your downfall, and they will cause you eternal pain. Mr Bentum cursed me in pain. Daddy I'm sorry, please don't curse me. I pleaded. You are already cursed. And more of this will come your way if you choose to hold my son to yourself with your witchcraft. Mrs Bentum added and they both walked away. Caleb please, for the sake of our future, go back to your parents. I pleaded. Kukua, do you want me to leave you alone in this house? He asked. I never wanted you to Caleb, but unfortunately, that is what you have to do. Your family needs you now than ever, please go back to them and do your best to make them accept me. I pleaded. Caleb finally agreed to go back home the next day. He packed his belongings and drove away. I wept bitterly. I wish he was always with me, I wish his family had accepted me. I just wish, we were married.

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